Vers 6.1; the only changes are some adjustments to the menu. Removal of unsued web presences, shifting of thoughts. Version 6 of this website has been around for 2 years as of June 30. I was thinking of trying to a full revamp and update. A Version 7. Nothing came to mind to improve upon the current layout, or scheme, I kind of like it. So I'll quietly go about updating it into the future. What's here? Not a lot, just my little corner of the web, I have stuff I've written, artwork, my music collection, some things I'm involved in. And other aspects of my spare time.

The lady to the right is Tek, periodically I will render more images and they'll rotate. Tek is the computer I currently work on, a 24" iMac. I just felt the front page could use a little jazzing up.