Art: Visual

Aeons ago during the DotCom Boom I was actually a professional graphic designer. Mostly, in practice, this meant I had HTML skills, knew how to work with real programmers and artists, and could compose it all into one big cohesive whole: in short I could make websites and do a little on the side. I was around to beta-test Frontpage (The Pain), and remember CSS1 (The Agony), then I quit (The Ecstasy) and the Buble Burst and I was gone already.

Digital Artwork

This is artwork dating back as far as somewhere in the mid 1990s. Around 1995 or so if memory serves. My tools at the type where Photoshop, Bryce, Poser, Infini-D, 3DS Max and a handful of others.

Sky & Other Things Cold

This is a page of sunrises, sunsets, night shots and general sky shots taken starting November 25 2006. They are taken almost daily, very few days are skipped. This is an exercise in taking a moment to stop and look at things around me. All shots, good, bad, blurry and amazing are kept. If you couldn't guess, this a graphics intense page, thumbnails are on the main page but there are a lot of them.

Three Of Hearts

This is a series of ideas I got after creating three images, that were essentially pin-up artwork. I got the idea while parusing an art community site and on that day noticed the particularly large number of dark, serious, gothic, depressing, or otherwise 'not so happy' imagery. I spurred me to make some brighter artwork, as I was working an idea of style struck and I came up with three characters from the images. So I made up a scene that involved all three and a little story to go with it. And then a few more ideas came forth and I wrote them down along with notes on composition. So I started to create their lives to tell these mini-stories.

52 Pin-Up

52 Pin-Up is a year long project to produce one piece of pin-up style artwork a week. At the end there will be fifty-two works of art. Hence the title. Each work is done as a Digital Render in a model program, I primarily use Daz-Studio. Though occasionally I may use a different program. I'm no professional, and am not even all that talented. I'm doing this project for fun, and to practice creating rendered art in hopes of becoming at least decent by trying out new techniques and ideas.