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Three Of Hearts

"Laughter & Wind" :: "Joy And Rainfall" :: "Serennity & Sunlight"

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This section is just being implemented, coming in the next few weeks are the Characters themselves, and the first vignette I told with them. After that I hope to produce one a month until I've exhausted the small number of ideas I have. This is a very limited project with no particular goal in mind. Each story/image will be posted below, I'll post a kind of preview image and then a link to the full sized image which will usually be pretty large.

The Wind Tried. . .

"The wind tried to steal Laurrel's hat. Getting it back from Joy took another ten minutes and a promise of doing her chores for a week. Except the cooking, much to Serin's relief." Full Sized Image (1440x900; ~300kb; 72dpi).