Art: Visual

52 Pin-Up

As a sort of weekly challenge to myself I decided to create a series of Pin-Up art. I'm certainly no professional, and definitely not Vargas caliber. But I enjoy creating, and many of these I'm going to use as experimental processes. They are all going to be 3-D Render Artworks using Daz Studio primarily, and Photoshop for any postwork. If I get an inclination I may use other programs. Each piece of art is 800x800 pixels, so they're all a common size. One new model a week, every Wednesday, will be added. They get added to my Artzone page first, here later though I'll try and update at the same time. Click on an thumbnail to get a larger version.

Rhythm Of Wind & Water

Belle Curve

Like No One Is Watching

Big City Cowgirl

Action Oriented

For The Boys Of Summer

Deep Blue Morning

Quiet Moments In Small Hours

Cloud Watching

Punk Rock Lady

Ms. Black


The Silver Heroine



Rose With Attitude

One For The Money

Two For The Show

Three To Get Ready

Autumn Leaves

Sharp Lady

Halloween Treat

Write On

Write Now


And Rest

Future Sketch

Safety Dance


Unwrapping Presents

Outta Here

Dreaming Of Spring

Little Black Dress



Hyborean Rage

Laid Back

Waiting Blue

Gone Country

Patient As Wind

Get Up

Business Or Pleasure

Ooh La La

B-Boy Stance