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"Music Is Continuous - Only Listening Is Intermitent." - Thoreau

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Welcome to the music section, one of the larger and most updated sections of the website. Music, listening to it specifically, is one of my favorite past times. It serves as a constant backdrop to everything I do. Here in I provide information on all the music I own, which is an extensive, but not massive, collection. Eventually this will contain everything my wife and I own, which approaches massive in size. The subsections of this area are as follows:

"Musik Is Macht" - KMFDM 'Light'

The Collection

This contains a full list broken down by band and group with a section for soundtracks and compilations. It leads to information about each individual artist I have.

Music FAQ

Contains a Q'n'A for what's here, how it's formatted, what information I provide, etc... you know, A FAQ.


A Blog I use to review music albums, front to back. An examination of each track in depth (more or less) and an overall thought on the album.