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Do you trade MP3s?
No. I don't, I won't, don't ever ask me again. As much as I hate the RIAA I respect Copyright laws.

Is any of your collection available for sale?
OK, believe it or not this has been asked of me regarding some of my very rare items. I've yet to ever own two of anything with the intent to sell one, I'm a music listener first and a collector second. So no, nothing in my collection is ever up for sale.

Ok, what's the deal with the short Artist Bios?
Right now they're very short and probably missing lots of information. If you want to do a better job then email an Artist Bio, if I like it I'll use it and credit you for the write up.

You don't have all the albums/singles/discography listed for Band X, why not?
Because, I only post information on CDs I have, and if I don't have everything they ever put out then I can't list it all. This is not intended to be a massive collection of complete discographies, well not yet.

What about lyrics?
Lyrics are actually Copyright to their respective owners, it would techincally be illegal for me to print them here without getting permission to do so. I don't have the time or inclination to find out who owns the lyrics to every song and contact them requesting permission to print the lyrics on this site. While fair-use provisioning might cover me if I do print them and credit the owner and never charge anyone to view them, it's really more of a pain in the ass than I'm currently willing to handle.

What about album covers?
And here is something covered under fair-use provisioning in copyright laws, I can put up a low-resolution (usually smaller than actual size) image of the album cover as long as I make no profit from it (and since this site costs me, that's taken care of...). So why don't I have album covers? Don't feel like taking up the bandwidth and server sapce with them.

OK. so what really is the content besides showing off your collection?
It's all a form of Narcissim. This entire site is.

The Collection

How is it organized?
Alphabetically, by band/project/artist last name. There are seperate sections to list the Soundtracks and Compilations done by multiple artists

Why don't you have "xxx"? or Why do you have "xxx" They Suck!
If someone or album is missing from my collection I probably haven't gotten it yet - there is a lot of music out there to get. Or possibly I don't like them. As to why I would have someone in my collection, well, I obviously like it.

How come some information is listed as (unknown)?
Because online downloads are cheap, and mostly effecient. I use iTunes to get soundtracks and individual tracks I wouldn't otherwise get but wouldn't mind owning anyway. The downside is that things like Catalog Numbers aren't listed with the download, usually all other information is easily found.