This is a Usenet Group, if you don't know what that is, or where to find them I suggest you do a google search and find out all the info for yourself. I have been a member of ACC for close to 15 years, on and off, with my most active years from 1999 through 2004 or so. I still visit but the crew has mostly moved on with life as these things happen. I also still maintain the FAQ when I remember to post it to the newsgroup.

A.C.C. Anthology

The Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology is a collection of short stories from the Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Newsgroup. For more information on that see my Alt.Cyberpunk/Chatsubo section. There are two volumes out so far, each one a collective work from people around the world. Both are available online through all major booksellers. We also maintain an Official Website complete with author bios and other tidbits.

Nan Desu Kan

Nan Desu Kan is the Rocky Mountain Region anime convention. Started in 1997 as a social gathering. It morphed and changed over the years as the organization grew from social club to formal convention. The current incarnation is responsible for conventions starting around 2000 (before that it had a different name altogether even). I have been a part of it since the onset, and stepped up as a Director when it officially formed as an "Anime Convention" in 2000. As the years progressed the organization grew. in 2004 I stepped down as a Director. It turns out I would end up taking on Webmaster duties shortly thereafter. After the 2005 convention I officially left the con and am no longer a Staff Member. But these things never let you go that easily. I ended up working through the 2008 convention. However that will be my last year, I dislike and disagree with many of the decisions the current Directors have made. BUT - I will not bad mouth the convention or anyone involved, I simply have a different view of how things should be done. So, if you're working for it, or going to it, and having fun please continue to do so. Visit the Website.