ended vision

All that remains are lies and deceit. How can anyone know this, be sure of it, know it without doubt? It's the life being led by so many people. We think that because the technology is getting better, that we're improving with it, but we're being left behind. What was important to any of us last year will not exist in the next. Live for the moment takes on a whole new meaning.

This isn't the new age of enlightenment. This is the age of ultimate security, ultimate invasions of privacy, and more than anything, the age of ultimate destruction. Do now and ask questions later. I've seen the madness through the eyes of someone who doesn't understand what's going on. The micro chipping of children so that they can be dialled up like you'd dial the Internet, traced like a phone call. When do you turn it off? When you think that the child has grown up? When the child hits legal age, and even that's a debateable age and mental attitude.

This isn't becoming smarter. This is becoming paranoid and letting the technology take over and run our lives. I've seen people getting into places of higher learning, our universities, and they are no better than a fifteen year old, pubescent teenage boy. That these people will be responsible for anything, even themselves is a threat.

How do I see this ending? I see it as an escalation of fear, terror and technology to the extent that the people will have no say. This is already the case for the worlds super power. Where else in the world can one man condemn a whole other country, threaten war against the country and ignore the global outcry and ridicule coming from the rest of the planet. I didn't elect this man. There would have been no hope that he would ever have gotten my vote. Seems that the idiots have taken over the asylum, because if the vote had been taken by fairer means, we wouldn't have this situation now, and maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't be living in supposed fear of the next 'terrorist' attack. Theorising over whether it's going to happen in the week leading up to the anniversary or as a sick commemoration of the thousand that died, repeated on the same day.

This is not the fear that people should ever have had to deal with. Perhaps this makes me the socialist I have been accused of being, and maybe it just makes me a better person than those who think that they're in charge. What challenge could I issue as an attempt to make things even remotely better? Probably none, cause I doubt that anything I say, or do, or anything that anyone else tries will get through to the elite. Perhaps this is one of the reasons behind suicide bombers. Maybe they're prepared to die for their cause but maybe they're sick to death of being ignored.

Nothing will calm down and return to the way it was. While the world super power fights against terrorism, I think the fight to save ourselves from the ultimate destruction is only just beginning.

I was twenty when it all started. Its been one year. In that time a lot has happened but there have been no results that can be argued for.

"They've just flown a plane into the World Trade Centre," my Dad woke me.

"What? When?" To my mind it was some joke. How could this possibly be real? There is no explanation for it. As much as I wanted to see what was happening, thanks to the magic of television, at the same time, all I wanted to do was wake up again, have things be normal, and to get ready for another day at uni.

Everywhere I went that day had a strange silence hung over it. Like someone had hit the mute button or just turned the sound down. You didn't have to say anything to another person to see that they'd been affected by what was happening. With the world the way it is everyone seemed to know someone who knew someone who was involved. We had reports of sports icons forgetting their cameras, returning to an apartment to collect it and hence narrowly escaping certain death. Someone was watching over him. What about everyone else.

If there is a greater plan to this, then at the time, and even now, I fail to see it. What seems strange to me though is the way that almost as quickly as it happened, it faded. People went back to what they were doing before. If it wasn't spoken of it certainly wasn't forgotten. Now, one year later, they, being the television stations, think that we want to live it and see it all again. The feelings towards it that I have now are stronger than what they were then. I'm not as naïve as I was. Times and events such as these seem to have the ability to change you. Perhaps it's just me. I find it hard to stay angry. Anger doesn't heal itself and holding on to it corrupts your soul and your being.

Don't move on, that's not what I'm saying. Don't forget, that's not the best thing to be done. Nor do I believe that attacking innocent civilians was the way to respond. It may have happened to the western world, but think about it. Civilians in the east are not as privileged as we are. Do you honestly think that they have had the same exposure to the issues as we have? Even if they have, is their media non-biased and accurate as ours is biased and inaccurate. I doubt it.

The answer is not to perpetuate a cycle of violence with the justification revolving around the 'they did it first' argument. We are not children fighting over something in the schoolyard. We are supposed to be mature, some of us are supposed to have degrees in foreign affairs and international relations. Humanity, and history should have taught us something, but in the light of the last year and the events still occurring to date, I think all we have learnt is that the more power that is controlled by the one element the better. My question is who decides? Do we have the right to stand idly by and watch this go on and on and on? I don't know about anyone else, but I've worked to hard, and sacrificed too much to let someone destroy it for the sake of a cause that not everyone is interested in.

At the same time, the politics that come into play are of vital importance. I find it incredibly amusing that the average person who has some basic education can be out there, putting their message across, whereas elected officials seem to find the money more important than the job. Where else but politics can you win a six year term and retire only weeks into it with a huge pay check and an ambassador ship, or some such?

I grow tired of this incredibly quickly. For many in the last decade, a major cause has not presented itself to be fought for. In this case, it is everyone's duty to stand up and fight and to not tolerate the happenings in the world at the moment.

If we cannot fight and voice an opinion, what is stopping us from turning mute, wandering aimlessly, and dying in the squalor that will surely come? I don't want that and I'll be damned if I sit idly by and watch it happen.

Dr. Silva