Role Playing Games

Over the better part of my life I've played many many RPGs. Around 1995 I was introduced to Champions/Hero. I'm not sure what took me so long to find Hero, but there you go. Ever since then I have been an avid Hero fan. I continued to play several other systems, but none of them really compared to Hero. Thus, it is the only system I currently play on a regular basis. All other systems I play only under duress. Below are a list of Hero Resources I've come up with, my many characters and campaigns I've been involved in.

Hero System Resources

Resrouces and information on using and playing with the Hero 5th Edition System. Eventually I hope this will contain Power Builds, Genre Conventions and Alternate Rules and such.

Master List Of Disadvantages

At one point the Master List of Disadvantages need a new home. I volutneered for it, got the files and worked on creating a database to store them. The creator subsequently found another place for his list, this serves mostly as a backup just in case.

Gemini Ascendant

Gemini Ascendant is a Star Hero campaign. I designed a completely different subsite for it. It contains Characters, Game Sessions, Campaign Information, and all the cool stuff that anyone interested in reading about others games would contain. As of June 08 it is still being filled out completely, but is well over 50% done in regards to information posted.

The New Defenders

The New Defenders is a Chapions (superhero) campaign. Set in a world where all the superheros died, and five years have past since their demise. An event triggered the rebirth of the worlds defenders (and their counterparts - supervillains). This section details some information from that campaign. As time goes by I will build a site for it to host Campaign Logs, background and other goodies.