Each main Character currently active has their own page. At this time there are Six players in the game. Here's a brief rundown on the Main Characters and Major NPCs

Main Characters

Wade McCode Species: Human. Wade is quite possibly the best pilot in this sector of space. Hotheaded, and very protective of his friends.

Ta'Rang Species: Yazarian. Ta'Rang (Ta to friends) is the groups weapons specialist. Although he is always ready for a good fight he usually errs on the side of discretion. When he does get into a fight not much can stop him.

Caspar Species: Drasalite. Doc, as it is known, is the groups peace maker, calming element and medical doctor. Doc's main weapon of choice is a Sedative Hypo - the mere threat of which brings most crew members in line.

Samantha Arken Species: Human. The second best pilot in this part of space, but the most deadly shot behind the guns of a ship. Captain Arken heads the crew up in their headlong rush to adventure. She is seemingly unaware of the concept "single fire mode."

Killian Carver Species: Human. Killian is the groups engineer, common sense meter, and the most non-violent member of the group. He can build or repair nearly anything.

Arthur Dane/Tobias Crowe Species: Human. Arthur is in charge of procurment. A recently retired pirate, Arthur is newest member of the crew, it remains to be seen how he stands up in the face of utter chaos.