The pilot put the ship through manuevers that no mere physical object was intended to do, coming within mere inches of the heavy cruisers hull. He started counting rivets. The gunner sat cooly in her seat as she tracked the cruiser through the maneuver, waiting for the perfect moment to let off a clean shot to the shield generator.

Behind them the boarding team loaded up on guns, explosives, personal shield generators, and more guns. The internal g-force compensators almost managed to account for the wild twisting, a grenade rolled sideways across the table into the hand of the Yazarian who pocketed it into a bandolier. The small rag-tag crew on board the ship was out numbered and out gunned. Maybe - just maybe - thier opponents had a chance to fly away from this one.

Gemini Ascendant is a Cinematic Space Opera game using the Hero System rules, and a mix of the Star Frontiers and Terran Empire settings. The game is played via online chat using the OpenRPG Software. One small crew, a hyper-advanced ship, and the fate of the universe in the palm of their hands.

Reach Out And Touch The Other Side Of Forever

Gun Girl