System And Tools Used

This section details the software used in the game, system mechanics, house rules, and other various tools and items we use to play the game.


To play the game we use the Open RPG program (available Here). We have, in the past, used MapTools - but it did not have as many options available to it as ORPG does. Both programs have their pitfalls and upsides.

Game System: Hero System 5th Edition

Utilizing a lot of information from the Star Hero line of books from Hero Games and the Hero Rules to play the game. To provide both common reference, save time and such we use many of the write-ups from Terran Empire, Spacer's Toolkit, and Alien Wars. All three books are available from Hero Games for 5th Edition. The Setting is 90% Star Frontiers (originally TSR, bought by Wizards Of The Coast. We use the map of the galaxy, aliens and social structure of the Frontier in our games. The Terran Empire setting is also included, in a more distant way. The game itself takes place in The Frontier, as an extension of Terran Space. To get both a separate governemnt, create some tension and conflict, and not become a Terran Empire Game we did several things. First, we altered the time line of things slightly, in the 22nd century an series of colony ships left Human Space and found The Frontier. Contact was lost. Contact was eventually restablished, then due to technology and other issues The Frontier Humans and Core Human Space were separate political entities. The current year of 2480, in the Terran Empire space things are proceeding more or less normally, with Terran Colonial Space (The Frontier) being a bit of a side project due to some distances involved.

House Rules

This contains all the house rules, optional rules and base rules from 5th Edition we use. Notably we have created several House Rules for conducting Space Combat in such a way to make it both cinematic and easy to run.

Game Aids

Being an Online Game we have to all use software to connect to each other, as we are spread across several states and time zones. Due to that we have found or created a number of aids to assist us in running as smooth a game as possible.