The Game Universe - A Guide To The Frontier

The game uses the Star Frontiers setting as the basis for the game, including the map of that section of the galaxy (wholly fictional), aliens (there are very few compared to many Space Opera settings), and organizations. There is plenty of Star Frontiers matieral available on the web and for purchase. We do not plan to reproduce any of that here. If our game has deviated from the standard Star Frontiers concepts we will note that. On top of that it is established that this part of the galaxy is an extension of the Terran Empire setting - this is The Frontier (or A Frontier considering the scope of that particular setting). Out here the reach of the Empire is weak due to distance. Technology is advanced to Empire standards of modern in some places, and not so much in others. Below is a map of the area of space the game takes place in, the numbers are Light Years. The blue lines are The Route, these systems have regular traffic, anything on the Route gets regular news, patrols and likely has more advanced tech, anything off the Route may be several technological advances behind and not up to date on the happenings in this part of the galaxy.

star frontiers map, small