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Character Sheets and Export Templates

The file formats are .HDE for Hero Designer Export Templates. Place them in your HD Export Template directory. If I have time I will create customized Export Templates to spec upon request.

Open RPG Export Node
An Open RPG Node export format. It's not perfect, and takes a lot of tweaking once you import the node into ORPG, but it does take a lot of the grunt work out of it if you build characters in Hero Designer and need to get them to ORPG.

Excel Character Sheet
modified 3-column character sheet. The character is from a Firefly-based game I ran. The phases have to be circled on hand, because I can't get them to print right if I draw them in in Excel. Note that the sheet incorporates one house rule I use: range intervals vary for different weapons, and are expressed as -1/x". This is the method used in 3rd Ed Hero and earlier - I find it easier and more flexible. But of course feel free to change it back if you don't like it. -Scott, HERO GM

Turn Tracker

Phase Tracker
I play an online chat-based game using ORPG. One of the tricks is the GM needed an effecient tool to track combat, the internal one in ORPG was not doing the trick, especially since it broke when we upgraded versions. So between myself and the GM we created this handy Spreadsheet based turn tracker for his sanity.

Terran Empire Space Combat Tracker

TE Battle Tracker
One of the downsides to using the Terran Empire Setting from Hero Games is space combat - or more precisely tracking damage in space combat, each ship has five layers of defense that act separately and may interact with incoming fire differently. So I created this simple to use (not so simple to construct) Damage Tracker for the setting. Once you input a ships stats all you need to do is apply Damage and it calculates how much got through any given layer of defense. Takes a lot of work out of combat, speeding it up nicely.