Site Information

This really doesn't contain anything interesting, unless going back through and seeing what I wrote down that I did, how the site was updated and what I said is interesting. I don't have screen shots of older versions of the website. I don't think I even have copies of the files from some versions anymore. The web is a changing thing, which is part of what I like about the medium. But I have kept track of changes, whens, and whys, and such as I've gone along. And here is where it's documented.

Site History

Why a history? Well, no reason other than to just leave some kind of trail of past site design and redesign. I view web pages as dynamic systems in a constant state of flux and update. As such I don't have much in the way of Past Designs actually lying around. Most of them are very very different from the sites current design. Though the design was taken from years of html manipulation and site redesign, so some elements of past sites has inevitably seeped into the current layout. Because of this view I don't have any examples of what the site used to look like. Unless there happens to be a Zip Disk lying around with a backup copy I've forgotten exists. If there is and I find it in the future I may place a copy online for the sake of posterity. But mostly I like the idea that the site is constantly shifting and growing and the current version is the only version. This prevents confusion, and allows me to constantly look forward with the site.

So really, why a history then? Mostly this is a timeline of events. It's here to track the growth and cycles of my various web design stages. I can look through this and see where I was in my life and major changes in the site also manage to coinside with major changes in events in my life. Oddly enough. Or not really I guess. As I grow, and my vision for the site changes so does the site itself. So, again, why a history? Well, why not?

Front Page Archives

A archive, organized by date, of all my front page postings for the updates. Starting back in August of 2001 shortly after Version 2.0 went online.