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One entry... ooh, ok ok, so this was the first month I started doing this and I started late in the month to boot.

Redesign, First Thought, 8/27/01:
Now the first thing you should notice here is the lack of ads, banners pop-ups or anything else telling you to buy something. That's because I don't do this to make money, or even break even. I do this site and pay for it with my day job because I want to. It hasn't always been easy either. But it's not going away because I can't make any revenue off of it. Oh, I had hopes once, hence the .com at the end of the address. But now, now I do it for me and to share my ideas and other things with everyone.
Sure, some fifteen year old out there with daddy's computer and mommy's credit card probably has a business plan in action that'll make him a millionaire by the time he makes it out of high school, but that's not me. I'm here to occupy space and not much else. I'm like that, I do things because I want to, because they make me happyf for a short time, not because I think I can make money.
There you have it, this site exists for no other reason than to boost my ego, share my psyche and take up bandwidth - but at least you don't have to endure a pop-up add telling you that you've won a trip to the bahama's for two just click here!
This is a new face for my site.. in the past I've had grand ideas with layouts and nifty images and icons and all sorts of crap. Now I've decided that plain simple easy to read no flashy shit text is the way to go. The rest of the site, area by area, is getting a workout as well. But not right now, just for now it's the front face part. So that's it. -ghost, 8/27/01, approximately 0200.