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And Many Weeks Later

Yes, I got around to updating something around here. Only took me the whole month. What did I update? Well, I changed the entire Thoughts Section to get rid of those damnable frames. I don't know what I was thinking when I decided to use frames - they're more trouble then they're worth. I also fixed some Links so as to actually have them all work properly. Apologies to Dionne and Alex who's websitre addresses I screwed up totally. Also I added several stories to the the Words section. And we can't forget the fact that I have purchased yet more CDs and have had to update the Music List.
So I suppose the two or three people reading this want an explenation of why I went from updating once every week or two to skipping a whole month? I didn't feel like it, at all. That's it, I just did other things in November that didn't involve writing HTML code.
And on that note I have nothing else to say but - maybe I'll get back to a more regular schedule of updates.. I plan on working on the Music section a lot in the near future and instead of one giant update may just do it in stages. -ghost 12/10/01; 00:45; @365.

A Pandora's Box, with the lid broken off

Wow, less than a month and I'm back updating stuff. Apparently December has been much more productive than November could have ever wished to be. Which is an interesting switch from years past. I'm sure there's some deep spiritual message in that somewhere. I'll get all introspective later, when you're all not around to watch me go pop.
And what have we added? Well... a quick look to the left (other left) will show a *GASP* New Section! Just a little page dedicated to a newsgroup called Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo. I spend a lot of time rummaging around Usenet but I consider ACC to be my home base there. We all have to have somewhere to go where everybody knows your name - ooh! A Cheers reference, the 'Chat is a lot like Cheers... well, a little, it's a bar, though the fatality rate is much much higher. And the stories are better.
So what else.. I aquired a new scanner with which to get some of my artwork up on the site.. But alas the thing refuses to cooperate with Photoshop 6 so I mucked around, dug through some boxes and piles upon piles of diskettes and CD-ROMs to come up with Photoshop 3 and installed that and now I discovered the scanner needs some serious help with colour. I'll work on that through the week to see if I can coax the thing into scanning properly. I also attempted to add RAM to Ami, the Pentium Machine... Now normally this is no big deal. Just pop the case (in her case a side panel comes off) and drop the RAM into the slots. I have to move her power supply as the RAM is behind that - no problem, just another minute or so added onto the process. I take out a pair of old 8MB EDO sticks and put in a pair of slightly newer 16MB EDO sticks. Turn it on and ... the machine beeps at me, That's it, oh and she flashes the KB LEDs as well. Nothing more. Ok, do I have bad RAM? Take out new sticks, put in old - same thing. Ok, move all the RAM around, same thing. At this point I'm pretty sure I've toasted my MotherBoard or the RAM or maybe even the RAM slots at this point. Then, on a whim, I move my Video Card from slot4 to slot1. Bingo. Everything works, new RAM checks out and we're on our way. Will SOMEONE (anyone) please tell me what the HELL moving a video card around could possibly have to do with RAM in any way. I mean really. So the new fix for any Pentium machines is to move the video card to a different PCI slot. It works for me like a charm Every Time.
Well folks, we're out of time today so no more antics. I'm going back to coding more pages and things like that for the next update. Or maybe I'll just play games... Until Next Time: Try not to hurt too many people with your Evil Mind Powers. -ghost, 12/16/01; 21:11; @216

Just Another

darkness. sorrow. empitness. loss. betrayal.

Welcome to the cheery Holiday Season.

(right on cue)

Here .... We ... GO

Crucify Santa Claus on a cross made of pine, hung from the cross beams by lights covered in tinsel sitting in a hole wondering why you can never be happy red white and green spilled across the field of vision stuck in a mall wondering what direction give take buy trade return burn it all down and start a fire seen from the tops of the heavens and felt in the bottoms of all the personal hells created by giving meaning to a day that has no more say on how you live your life than any other day pretend it is all right and drop a coin into the little red bucket telling tis the season to be generous spend the rest of the time giving everything you've got to everyone you've ever loved only to be told it was not enough and you can give just a little more you can care just a little more you can surrender just a little more you can bleed just a little more make everything tinted with the sickness of joy and hapiness that will never come and become buried in hundreds of fanciful and coloured papers wrapped around the box that holds your heart up for ransom in a day when only your wallet means that you have compassion excuse me I gave at the office I'm sorry excuse me I gave at the Goodwill Station really excuse me I gave at the Red Cross Office excuse me I gave to the Telethon to get the perfect gift for that special someone excuse me I need to get to that merchandise you think you're going to buy before me so why don't you just get into the holiday spirit and pretend that nothing is wrong and you no longer hurt inside and pretend everything will all turn out for the best put down the razor and gun and rope and pills and drown inside the broken dreams from your own shattered memories of a past that never took place wondering where all those wonderful times went and it was never like this was it but you're not convincing yourself of anything and when you wake up in the morning with nothing but a puddle of bile and headache to show just how much spirit you had the night before because you really are in the holiday spirit because there must be something wrong with you if you aren't magically healed by a date on the calender tacked the wall circled in green with a red number and a single word in fine print outlining every shortcoming you have and every failure you'll become I've got a little special message all wrapped up and delivered to every boy and girl on the list be they good or bad or young or old or saved or lost or broken or dying I've got a secret little message for all of those left out in the cold with the snow of despair collecting in the streets I've got a private little message between me and you

It's Just Another Day In Your Life.
[Merry Fuckin' XMas and a Happy Goddamn New Year]