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Egg & Bacon Sandwich

I missed wednesday, ah well. Thursday and I'm just gonna to an upload and not expound on any neat thoughts here. Except for the fact that a Fried Egg & Bacon Sandwich with a cup of Good Black Coffee is a fucking great way to start a day. just fucking awesome.
Ok, updated the Links section. I also added a complete list of my CD collection in the brand new Music Section, under Interests If you're trying to find it on the side bar to the left there. Fixed a few things (and added) in the ego section that's all about Me, I'm such a ham sometimes. Next week: updates to the Thoughts section because I want to ditch the frames (pain in the ass if you ask me) and go even simpler than I am now. Because occasionally even I use a non-java capable browser. Plan on expanding the Links even more. As well as adding a few more stories to the Words section, but that all depends on how quickly the new power supply for my ZIP Drive gets here. I really should get a second drive just in case something like this happens in the future. I've gone about a month with no ZIP Drive and I'm getting really just nervous. Nothing backed up. Nothing archived. Unable to access old records and archives. I've made daily sacrafices to the Hard Drive Gods praying I don't get any failures. You know how hard it is to find a virgin these days? Especially one willing to follow you back to your apartment.. and then the struggle to get them on the alter and I'm spending a fortune in gags, they keep chewing through the leather. And the screaming... I'm it's like they don't WANT to have their life forced sucked out of their bodies and offered up to a higher power or something... I digress. If I get around to it I'll do something about the state (or non-state) of the Rants section which is the last place I haven't cleaned the cobwebs out of yet... until then, have fun and try not to hurt yourselves. -ghost;11/1/01;12:27;@852beats