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It was brought to my attention that a link wasn't working right. Namely the Thoughts link. This was because I was still working on it and had a test version of this index on my home machine that accidentally got uploaded to the server. My bad. Well, that was enough motivation to get my ass in gear and finish working on that section. So a thanks goes out to Alex for bugging me about the broken link. This means, of course that I also went through an updated and fixed some other problems with the site... like the Images section which I cleaned up. I'm working on that area as well so expect some new things there soon.
I suppose this is as good a time as any to give an idea of future plans.. I hope to be adding a section on all the music in my collection, which is a daunting task of nearly 500 CDs and Records. Not a ton, but enough to make me procrastinate for a while. Which means by the time I get around to it the collection will probably be closer to 700 or more. Ah well, now I'm off to pay rent, renew my lease, wash my kitchen floor and get my mail. I lead such an exciting life. -ghost, 10/01/01; 13:48 MST


And... here we go. Right then, updated the links page - added more Links to it, took some dead ones down. It's a work in progress so it'll change over time. And updated the Interests section, as in completely revamped it. Changed the name from Red Button and directory and all sorts of behind the scene things to make it new and better and well, updated. It's not done though, but I'm still working on it. Adding more stuff to it and things like that. Can't do it all at once, have to have sections to update constantly so I don't stagnate again like in the past.
And now all the other shit I'm gonna rant on about. Like computers for instance. I have a Windows machine. It had a problem - the 3.5 inch floppy stopped working. So I started messing with it, got it to work again. Only to have the system no longer recognize the C: drive. GAH!! no sooner did I get that fixed than the video went all screwy on me - diagonal red and black lines across the monitor. So how did I fix that? After seven hours I switch which slot the video card was in, bingo - all better. Such a STUPID FUCKING MACHINE. Intel can kiss my ass, fucking piece of shit machine has more problems than all 6 of my Macs (including the broken one) do combined. And still I keep around because occasionally I need Windows, well, not need, just sort of feel like playing this one game that isn't available for Macs. Which I do once every four months or so... I guess I can say I have a Windows OS just in case I need it for some unknown reason. Hmm... maybe I should turn it into a BSD box and be done with it. Ah well...
Next week, more exciting adventures from my head!! yeah! more stories to go online, currently collecting all the pieces in the first Trace Arc - for those who don't know Trace is one of my fictional characters in an ongoing serial type story line... hopefully some more links and more stuff in the Interests area... we'll see. -ghost, 10/11/01; 00:04; @295 beats.

Orange Juice

I was intending to update my site once a week on Wednesdays but last week I just didn't give a shit. So I'm here today doing it, I've taken a day off work just for this site! OK, not really. I took a day off work for other reasons but those don't start for a few hours yet. Which left me all day to work on things about my place. I wake up at some ungodly hour (read: before 1000) and plod into the shower and take care of that and the dressing part and the finding of the boots and the brushing of the teeth on the balcony (I wonder if any of my neighbors notice I brush my teeth on the balcony?) and then I'm ready. Leave the house to run some errands and back in thirty. Now. Breakfast time. Find the eggs (YUMMY EGGS). Find the bacon (yay BACON). Prepare the toast (Dry, White) and then Orange Juice. Open fridge, reach for... nothing there. Check behind pizza box just in cases in shrunk to under two inches tall, check underneath butter tray, behind the jelly maybe? no that's on the door, you can't hide behind things on the door. Ok, I give up, where the Orange Juice hiding? HEY! Maybe I already took it out, check counter, nope. Check living room area, nope. Hallway (hallway??), nope. Bedroom, HEY! I found the pair of boots I wanted to wear instead of the ones I am wearing, no Orange Juice though - bummer. Computer Room (likely suspect). AHA! Orange Juice. Nope, sorry, empty container, shoulda taken the hint from the fact that it was lying more or less in the trash can. Well, on top of as nothing can actually get IN the can in its current state of fullness. I've got no fucking Orange Juice and I'm not going out of this apartment to get any either! I already left once today and that's more than enough for any morning. Ah fuck it. Back go the eggs (nummy eggies). Back goes the bacon (mmmm bacon) and back goes the bread (white, untoasted). Now what? Screw it: cereal, Find milk (Soy Milk). Find cereal Post Great Grains (with Raisins, Dates and Pecans OH MY!). Find bowl (big, blue). Open cabinet, No Bowl! AH!!! NOW WHAT?!?! oh wait, I did dishes last night, check the dishwasher. AHA! Bowls!! hey, and my spatula. Life is looking up. Get cereal and Check email and then on with the day....
So what have I updated on this site anyways? The Links page for one. I didn't like the layout, it was a bitch to add more stuff, so I just went with a strait list. Fixed up a few other bitsies here and there. Bitsies, I like that word. Also I added a story to the Words section, not really a story so much as something like a mind dump. Thanks to d.lineate for that little bit of inspiration. Also I added a secion on all the lovely Machines I use in the Interests section. And... I added... ready... ME because my ego wasn't getting enough of a work out. Or something like that anyways.. Just in case any of you were wondering what I was like in the flesh (perverts). Enjoy, don't hurt yourselves. -ghost; 10/22/01; 19:52; @120 beats