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Here we go... I've updated the Words section, putting up a few more stories and taking down some I no longer want displayed for various reasons. It used to be called 'Scratches In The Dirt' and does indeed still hold the logo for it..
I'm slowly getting the whole site all revamped and cohesive and managable. I used to do web design with WYSIWYG and all that. But I don't ever do anything fancy. No Flash, no Javascript, no CGI or any of that. So I started handcoding everything. I use BBEdit for just about every text need you'd want. The program rocks, or as they put it "It Doesn't Suck". You can get BBEdit Lite from Bare Bones Software for free or you can buy the full product. It does text. Just Text. Awesome for programming, no weird proprietary save files. You want a raw text dump? BBEdit can do that. I've never once had any problems transfering text with formatting intact with one of their files. I highly recommend the program for any Macintosh user out there. Sorry Windows people, you're stuck with Notepad.
Enough of the shamless plug (still better than a frickin' banner ad). I'm still not sure what I'm really doing with this space... as a whole I mean. I've started collecting my little short stories here, none of them very long really. Most have been posted to the usenet group Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo. If you don't know get Usenet (or Newsgroup) access and find it on your own, lurk for a while to get the hang or the locals will tear you to pieces.
Oh yeah, couple random things: the Evil Co. link will never change and never be updated... it's kind of a thing with us - if you know the Evil Co. that is. The version I have is number four or five I believe and was hosted here only temporarily and I never took it down, probably never will either. The most current incarnation is somewhere else.. I forget where we put it. Noise is another static section. I just kinda made it one day and stuck it up cuz I thought it looked cool. I was playing around with layers when I did it. The story it contains is pretty funny though. A friend of mine wrote it some five or so years ago in a fit of boredom... That's it. -ghost, 9/4/01;12:19


I have nothing I can really say about the tragedy that struck the United States this morning, 9/11/01, my thoughts go with those whose lives were lost and shattered. I hope we can seek our revenge for this act of terrorism against whomever it was that initiated it. I also hope that we act rationally and not emotionally in our retaliation. A knee-jerk retalitory strike against those who we think perpatrated the attack will not do. If we simply strike out in anger we will be no better than them. If we take our time and investigate and find those responsible then we are justified, in my opinion, in utterly destroying them and their people. I do believe, unfortunately, that nothing short of near genocide will get the message across:
We'll see what the coming weeks hold for us and the world. I'm saddened to say that this kind of thing had to happen on US soil for the population of this country to take notice to the horrors outside their borders. Many countries have undergone acts similar to this in the past. We now know what it feels like to be in the shoes of many of the worlds people. This is by far the worst act of it's kind - but not the first.
Right now I my only concern is that those left in the wake of the destruction are taken care of, those who have been affected are allowed to return to a normal life as soon as possible and ...
I have no real words... Nothing I can say will make anything right, or heal anyone. I will lend what moral support I can to those affected. That's all I have to give. Good Luck. Keep Hope Alive.
-ghost, 9/12/01, 00:04


Tuesday, September 11, 2001


Added some new stories and things like that to the Words section, nah much else. -ghost, 09/25/2001