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Smile Dammit! I'm Feeling Militant.


I have nothing to say this week actually so I thought I'd throw that out there for personal amusement. And to take up space. Working pretty heavily on the forthcoming Music Section ... yes, I've said that in the past but I'm actually doing it this time! I should be done by the end of April, or maybe the middle if I get extra ambitious. Possibly. I was thinking about rooting around and looking for more short stories to put up here but I didn't find anything finished that I wanted to share. C'est La Vie. In the meantime, all my friends have updated their pages - most of them any way - so go click on Other Places to your left and then visit some of the cool stuff listed under the very top header of 'Friends Pages'. That's an order.

Jesus Christ Suicide Squad

I bet you're thinking that my updates are sporadic at best. Well .... they are. This page isn't the center of my life, I'm not anywhere close to a Blog. I do this for fun and if real life intervenes then, well, this place gets put on the back burner. So what got in the way this month? Family from California, then friends from California. Basically almost everyone I went to to San Fransisco to see last year came out to me this year. Which is good because I can't afford a road trip right now.
So what is going on with this roadblock on the information highway? Not a lot. I'm working on my CD collection to place it online .. takes times. Getting all the tracks, checking for Official Web Pages, checking for print status, typing a lot mostly. What else? Well (shameless plug warning):
The Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology

It can be found at Amazon, Barnes And Noble or iUniverse. All of the stories colleted in it are of superb quality from a group of online, underground geurilla writers. Here's the OFFICIAL SITE for the book.
And that is all I have to say on that.