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South Texas Death Ride


Yeah, not a lot done on the site this week, and it's late to boot. Nothing in fact. nada. zip and zilch. No new CDs, no new computers, no other databases as foretold in previous updates. So what the frag DID I do this past week? Work on the Nan Desu Kan convention for most of it. Wallowed in self loathing and depression for some of it. Enjoyed a few random bits at parts. Overworked. Read a book or two. Kicked around reality for a few minutes. Slept and Ate.
And wrote. My muse came back out of hiding. Apparently she was out shopping for a howitzer to get me motivated because for a couple of nights I couldn't STOP writing, to the point where the only reason I walked away from the keyboard was because I couldn't SEE it anymore. or the screen. My eyes bled shut. So there. lots and lots and lots of words down. Now I edit. And I shall do so with a righteous vengence.
Other things I did... went and saw Road To Perdition with my brother - the movie is really really good. Excellent. I might go see it again. Just because. And it's not just because of Tom Hanks either, the kid they got to play his son did a good job, the cinematography was excellent, the scoring was good and the overall feel of the movie had an edge to it. I recommend it.
And that's it. Nothing more, I'm done. I've got to go finish organizing my files and back them all up onto CD instead of the Zip Disks they're on now - CDs are a sturdier medium than magnetic media. Oh yeah and I've got to work on the convention some more. Lots more. work work work .... this year is just proving to be a bitch that way, can't wait for it to be over.
Until next time, have fun.

These boots were made for walkin'


OK, nothing done again this week. Between the convention and writing for the Second Alt.Cyberpunk.Anthology I haven't had a chance to do anything with the site. I've been working on several computers around here as well, have parts on order for Natalia and Terry and some other parts I need to get into Terry - who is in pieces right now. I also agreed to take over the editing of the Second ACC Anthology early this week. Which means even after the convention is over I don't stop working (whee) and have volunteered for another convention. Well, it'll be tons less work as I'm working in the Game Room of MileHi Con - a gaming and literary convention in the Denver area. Not really work at all, to be honest. I'm gaming the whole weekend! HA!! yay me.
Other than that I'm still archiving my files, waiting for a much larger hard drive for Natalia here and a the ZipDrive I ordered for her. Also might pick up another CDBurner in the near future. Possibly hook that up to Amy (the windows machine). And that's that for the chatter ... I'm going back to switching between the conventio and writing every hour (for variety). Oh yeah - caught Disturbed's new video "Prayer" and it KICKS ASS. MTV Banned it, but MTV can go fuck a dead goat for all I care .. haven't watched that sorry ass channel since they took Headbangers ball off the air in like '92 or something. Keep on Rockin' people, see ya next week.

More Human Than Human


What did I do this past week... I spent many many hours on the convention. I received and installed several drives for a couple of computers. Terry and Natalia both got upgrades. Amy is next as I received a CD-RW for her recently and will be installing that later this week. I also spent all the rest of my money on tires for my car. A day later I was wasting some time in a leather shop looking at jackets and such when I found the PERFECT jacket, and of course I'm dead broke. Well, not quite. I can technically get this jacket but don't feel like draining my bank account. Moving forward with things... I'm still working on finishing my story for the next ACC Anthology. That's that, moving along slowly. Should remind myself to get in touch with everyone next week.
And in other news .. gaming. Saturday night I usually game with a couple of coworkers. The average session goes about 3-5 hours, depending on the night. Intense gaming for that period though. None of that hack and slash crap either, emotional ride that game is... So last Saturday one of our regulars couldn't make it (he calls in from Ohio to game with us ... that's how serious we are about this game). So we called another guy we game with on and off, he was up for something so he comes over. We decide to start over with some new characters, pretty much plan on a throw-away game for the night. A one shot thing. Small characters, 150 point Hero characters. (Our regular game has out characters pushing 450 points+.) No powers. Just strait near-future. So I go and make a hacker type, one of us makes a sharp-shooter (ex-corp black ops) and the other makes a gunslinger (ex-Texas Ranger). Me, I'm the street punk 'net junkie... no guns, no armor, but I'm fast and smart. Three characters, set out on a man-hunt, info-seek ... six hours of gaming later and 0530 Sunday we finally wind down. Monday rolls around, we all work together so I see them before even sitting at my desk ... turns out we all liked our characters so much we plan on doing more with them. Now here's the kicker, these little low level characters exist in the same universe, hell the same city, as our super high level power characters, this'll be a fun trick. What happens if they ever meet? Role-playing that will be interesting. So that was my weekend, well, that and running around all Saturday shopping for the con. On that not, I'm outta here, gonna go write some more.

The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Today


What did I do this past week .... I worked a lot on the convention, I fucked around for a bit, I wrote some shit. I did some other random stuff. I kicked around Usenet where a neat idea was proposed. Expensive Lies, now in Randomocity. It's ... this thing. Explanation is in the section, you figure it out. which is the idea. Other that I really did fuck all.
Oh yeah, I watched Memento and had my concept of perception and time screwed up for a bit. Always a fun trip. If you haven't seen the movie I suggest you do.
Now where was I?
Now, let's think about this... no wait, lost that train of thought. Heh. I've been in a slightly foul mood the past couple of days and it probably won't get any better as I get to work strait through Sunday. I wasn't paying enough attention when I traded some days out with a couple people and such, my bad really. But I get Monday off ... whee. Unless something spectacular happens on Monday then it really doesn't matter now does it? Also due to my schedule this week I had to back out of gaming on Saturday. The ONE game I still stay in, our characters are stuck in Hell, or a gateway thereof, one of us has fallen off into oblivion and taken her NPC boyfriend with her (Fucking Vampires) leaving me, the other PC and one NPC ... three of us. Demons don't stand much of a chance really. I got a new attack last session, does great gobs of damage, bad news it nearly wipes my character out, as in, near to unconciousness levels of Stun. Yay. THAT'S a last resort attack. And it usually comes down to last resort attacks with this crew. In the meantime I'm going to go stress myself out some more. Bye Bye.