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Give me a color make it black or white

Another two weeks before an update. I have a reason this time. A valid one at that. National Novelist Writers Month was November, that's the NaNoWriMo lionk off to the side. The idea is to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month. Well, I did it. But I didn't finish, the novel that is. I reached 50,000 words but didn't finish my story. It needs some severe editing, maybe over the next year I'll go over it and do a heavy edit, then next year I'll write the next 50,000 words. Sounds like a plan
On another note, I've done some updating to the site here. I've gone through, at the prompting of my girlfriend, and spell checked my stories. Most of them any way. Some I left as they are because I have other plans with them. The Trace stories have been combined and edited into one large story for the next ACC Anthology. So those that are on this site are there for the sake of posterity, see the early version of the story. The other collective works have also been left alone as not all of them are mine and I don't correct other peoples mistakes. I'm also thinking about putting up some of my poetry, maybe. Maybe some more story parts, I'll see what I have lying around that I want to put up. Spell checked of course.
I also went ahead and revamped the Images section. Adding a new image and organizing it a bit. I also aquired one new CD. One. Purest Cobol Project - Underworld is the name so you don't go searching high and low and miss it. Anyway, that's that for the updates.
Onto different things ... I've got lizards now. And a betta fish. My next project will be to start developing pages dedicated to these pets, and more as I get them as I have several fish tanks begging to be set up. The lizards I inherited from my brother who recently joined the marines and went off to boot camp. So now I've got a pair of Water Dragons to take care of. I'm working on gathering information to put together information on Water Dragons as well as a scrapbook of images for my brother so he can, if he gets near a computer, see them during the time he's away. My little betta is named Alpha and he occupies a two gallon fish tank with several live plants to make him happy. I'll also be putting together an information page on Betta's and thier care in the near future - with images.
Other than that nothing new or interesting is going on. I'm toying with the idea of doing minor updates (front page only) in between major revisions as a sort of diary. But that gets dangerously close to blog territory and I'm not keen on that idea at all. A friend of mine in SF has recently started one, and while it's a cool way for me to keep up with his life 1200 miles away from me I'm not sure I want to do the same with my reality. Maybe.
And I'm out of here, later peeps.

bargaining with gasoline take a ride on this machine

Wake up laughing staring down the barrel of the rest of your life watching the sun rise and set in perfect rhythm to the daily toll being exacted on your soul as you go about the basic proccess of making sure you make it to the next sunrise or sunset without to much damge to show for it hiding all the scars created by an uncaring reality that is to busy with its own grueling need to keep on going to even pay attention to your plight pushing giving taking pulling shoving thrusting running about dodging the rounds sent your way by the very same people you are throwing things back at in an exchange of information and currency in order to make it just one more day how many have crumpled under the weight of basic existence as brought upon by the very idea that life is supposed to go one way when all it does is go every other way possible stand up and take a little responsibility for your fate and decide that the next time someone says you absolutely have to do something realize that no really do not have to do anything but sometimes it helps to get from point a to point b and if anyone tells you to do something refuse until they ask politely because it is their problem not yours no matter how much you really think it is demanding little sons of bitches that they can be this is my sunrise dammit and there is nothing you can do to take it away from me and i will fight tooth and claw for that sunset i have set my sights on so i can get a decent nights rest and wake up laughing at everything again.
One day at a time folks, one day at a time.

(oh yeah - I added an Role Playing Games section to the site this week, primarily for the only current active character I have).