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Destination Unknown

Nothing to say really...
For those that know me and actually check the page you probably know already but my father passed away recently. Hence the lack of updates this month.
I am working on some things though, mainly that long list of music over in the interests section. Just a long list is kind of boring, I figure that some actual information would be cool. So I'm putting together some useful information like track listings, where to buy the stuff, cover art and any other signifigant information I can come up with. I've discovered I own a fairly large amout of Limited/Special Edition and Out Of Print items which just goes to show you how much time I spend in used record stores and keeping an eye on things around the music scene. Some of the music scene any way. At some point I hope to put together a list of places to special order items that are hard to find, places that I myself use. Which are wide and varied. For now, I wouldn't expect much more of an update until the end of the month or possibly early next month. Depending on how quickly I can get the majority of the music list done the way I want it. I'm not posting it until I have about half or so done and then I'll work to get the rest done as quickly as possible. Or something like that.