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What Is It? Caught In A Mosh!

Finished P, Q, R and S this week in the music section. Wanted to get further (as in done) but life intervines sometimes. You'll have to live with me finishing everything next week. Well, that's the plan. Plans have changed on an hourly basis as of late. So let's get on with it - and explain why the update is so late this week (as in not on Tuesday, but in the small hours of Wednesday). I was working, on a Tuesday. Told ya work was getting in the way. I normally have Tuesday off but not this week. So I had to finish up the final editing of things when I got off work tonight and upload it all - the Index is always the last page to be done. Other updates beyond a hundred plus CDs added are a slight change in the Chatsubo section. I've become the Keeper Of The FAQ now. I was mostly volunteered for KOTF duty when I mentioned a mere one time that I'd be willing to take over the duty when we noticed the previous KOTF hadn't posted in a while. Well, his story is he went traveling around Europe for a while, getting mugged, robbed, left for dead and generally having a good time along the way, while the automated poster he left behind in his home in the UK broke. Since he left behind most things 'net he didn't notice until a chance encounter with a Cyber Cafe. At which point he took me up on my offer. So Goobs, being the ever vigilant person she is, did a few updates until I could get to it and posted up at the Anthology site, isn't she lovely folks?. So Now I'm literally in the middle of editing it entirely to give it a personal touch as such. I thought I'd finish this update and then get back to the ACC FAQ afterwards. It may have to wait a few more days to get finished though.
This week is going to be a long one. Tomorrow (today - Wednesday - whatever) I have to go out and finish up the paperwork for my Purchase Option on my car now that the lease is done and over. I spent part of June convincing a credit company that they were idiots and fucked up my credit report. Increasing my Credit score by no small measure. So now I can buy the car without a 700% interest rate or whatever they wanted to originally put on the loan. Oh, and I get to work an extra half shift (four life sucking hours) tomorrow as well getting off work at 0230. yayness. 12plus hours at work. I shall be brain fried. But Thursday and Friday are going to be normal length work days. Saturday I'm dragging my family to the Renessaince Fair (it was my brothers idea technically). Sunday is back to work... And in there I have to get the last fifty CDs entered into the sites database. I'm sure I'll find the time. I just don't need to sleep, or a few other things. New CDs this week! Almost forgot to add that I picked up Union Underground's CD "A Lesson In Rebellion" - very good actually. I doesn't have the song I was looking for though - their new one getting some radio play. I didn't buy it originally because their first single I don't really like (the rest of the album is so much better than Turn Me On Mr. Deadman, which is an OK song at best). and System Of A Down's Toxicity CD, which is a kind of random CD with song topics all over the place. Not too bad.
Man I'm a wordy little bastard today. Must have something to do with the Ginseng I took so I didn't fall asleep at work today. Maybe I took a little more than needed, eh? Who knows. Or cares. Anything else ... hmmm... I don't think so. I'll now go back to being pounded into the ground by work, convention, life, website, and generally just existing.

Close My Heavy Eyes Now Give Me Sleep

I got T done in the music area .. that's twenty-five of the fifty I had left. Now I have a meager twenty five to do for next week. Where I really will finish - honest. I mean it this time. So I suppose you want the excuse this time eh? Well, I had to do the FAQ for Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo and I lost it twice due to crashes and what not. My own damn fault for messing with my computer while updating large text files and not saving them. Still, lost time is lost time. I got it done and posted to the newsgroup about seven days after the first (which is when they're traditionally posted). Oh well.
I've also rearranged my apartment entirely - details on that when the 'renovation', as it were, is done. I have to make room for a fifty-five gallon fish tank. Yay. And a new bed that I get next week. I'll have all sorts of gory details of why my apartment has taken over my life and prevented me from doing some work on the website, writing and reading books. Not to mention a few other things. It's also a major suck down on the bank account. So I'm also working boatloads of overtime - spending even less time in the apartment that I'm attempting to make livable. Sigh. Consumerism is a nasty circle.
Now, I could finished the CD collectio and call it done - updating the web in three hours instead of now. But I borrowed the new Metropolis Anime from a friend (go see it on a big screen if you can!) and would like to watch that and return it to her. I know she won't care how long I have it but I don't like keeping these things forever. So, short update, long week ... see ya next Tuesday.

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Another week come and gone... not much to show for it but stress. I did actually finish the music section this week (told ya!). Also I did something that probably wasn't expected of me .. I opened a Cafe Press store to hock shit. So far I've only got a single shirt on there, promoting - well - nothing. It's from the newsgroup alt.cyberpunk.chatsubo and any who frequent it will get the quote (assuming you visit the store through the new link to the left.) and those who don't might think it's funny - and might not. Don't care either way. I can say that anything I make through the store is going to help publish and promote both the ACC and any other future collective works of fiction I get myself involved in.
That's done. That's over. Now what am I going to do with this site since the CD database is now done and will be part of regular updates. So what big project am I working on now? How about ... I picked up a seventy (70) gallon fishtank this past weekend. That's my next big project. Had to rearrange my apartment to accomodate it as well. My living room area is now full of all my book cases and books as well as one computer for the entertainment center (DVDPlayer, VCR, Genesis, Playstation and a CDPlayer) and the fish tanks. As well as several plants - of which I plan to get more. The living room has gone organic! Plants, fish, sunlight, oh my! I'll be documenting the slow set up of the large tank as well. From it's current position as empty and sitting there to full of life. Putting things up on the web page as I get them done. I'm planning on it taking a good six months to get the thing to what can be considered a "finished" state. Also in the works .. why stop at my CD collection? I have a book and movie collection that are also begging to be shared with the world. As well as all my adventures in role playing. Not sure which order things will be done in - the Movie database will be, by far, the smallest to do.
So those are the future plans. Turning large portions of my life into an online spectacle in weekly doses. A lot like a sitcom only more interesting. But then getting your skin peeled off like a grape is more interesting than most sitcoms. That's it, I'm taking an afternoon nap.

I'm so bad baby, I don't care


CD Colletion:Pantera "Power Metal"

Slight revamp on the front page here, a little asthetic face lift. The old "Interests" section is going to be fazed out and away as each subsection it carried gets updated to it's own section. First was the music collection. This week was the Computer setup, since I live so much of my life on and around them, I have in my apartment. Next will be the movies I own in a similar list as the CDs, and finally my books... after that - who knows. I've also decided that this little area here will announce what I've updated on some of those lists. Like the update on the new CD I added to the database - so you don't have to go reading the whole thing wondering what the new update actually was. It'll spotlight every update this week that isn't massively obvious. Like the Thoughts section which is updated with the previous front page blurb every update. One wonders why I even tell you it's been updated - should be obivous .. but then maybe not. I'm not taking any chances.
In other news I've got nothing else to say to the world. The fish tank project has hit a snag in the form of weather - intensely hot fucking weather. I have to take the base out onto my deck to add the finish coat to it and it's too hot out there to work. It'll take more than one day I'm sure and we've had afternoon rains recently (not that we don't need them mind you). I don't want to finish it inside the apartment because that locks me in with paint fumes - ooh fun. No thanks. So as soon as I can hope for a couple days dry weather and either paint it late at night or on a cool day I'll start that project up and going. I'm also holding out to get a cell phone - yes me with a cell phone. Kyocera has a fucking sweet new phone coming out in the near future that I WILL BE GETTING. Other projects include setting up a firewall for my home network. Especially now that I've got several machines up and running again. One of my old machines finally died for good, my little Apple Duo210 went into Hard Drive failure last week. Which meant I got to drag a machine out from under the tables here and put it together since I now had space to add another machine. Adding shelving in the computer room opened it up immensely as well, giving space for the server to get setup and possibly space for the firewall if I get creative (which I will). It'll probably be months before the whole thing comes together as planned - but I've got the time. And with that, I'm going away now.



CD Colletion:DvusMedia: "NeterLand"
Shapethrower: "Software Will Save Us" & "Hardware Will Care For Us"

Not a lot done this week... I upgraded the OS in Terry, one of my computers, this week as well as picked up a few CDs off of MP3.COM, very good - worth the money and then some. Worked too much, something like 11 days strait. Bleh. I was contemplating the idea of adding my movie collection to the site alongside my CD collection but ran out of time really. Between work and the convention and a few other social habits of mine I've not had time to do much in the way of this site. Trying to find a machine in my stack of computers to set up as a firewall has proven unfruitful. I just don't have anything new enough, several 486 machines, but they hold near a max of 20MB of RAM or even 48MB... wow. my 6100 which is just as old as the other two can get 72MB of RAM Max ... how sad it that. Man, what the fuck is up with that, Intel machines had SHIT for abilities in the mid 90s, how the fuck did Apple NOT bash them into non-existance?! But I digress.
The other reason I haven't gotten all sorts of things done is because I've started an overhaul of a data-back up method. I'm rearchiving everything I've got and taking better notes. Which means I'm going through thousands of image and sound files as well as programs that I've used in the last decade - don't have copies of anything older than that. So hopefully when I'm done I'll have everything catalogued in an easy to find method instead of the "I think it's on this disc" method I use now. I also picked up several movies for my viewing pleasure .. The Armitage Dual Matrix movie (kicks ass), Unforgiven (Cling Eastwood could kick the living shit out of that no good pansy ass John Wayne mother fucker) and the V miniseries. If you don't remember V you're either too young or were asleep in the early 80s.
And that's it... I'm outta here. I've got files to organize.