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...Down Came The Rain...

Well that didn't last long. I didn't get a chance to work on the music section of the site this week so no new stuff. Damn. Well, I'll make sure to get two letters in next week. Maybe three, all the way through 'K'!! Try any way. Hey, at least I took the time to tell you there'll be no real updates this week.
So it's raining out tonight, nice rain. Good rain. Get rid of all the damn heat Colorado has had lately. Hard too. I'd like to open the patio door but the rain is coming down at a sharp enough angle and in the right direction to actually get inside. I don't really want to soak part of my living room in an effort to bring in some really fresh air. I do get to open the bedroom window though, so I get to fall asleep under cool air, the sound of pouring rain and the occasional flash of lightning.
It's early still tonight, I could probably do some update or something to the site - work on the music maybe? Yeah - no. I'm playing mindless video games for a change. Diablo II here I come. The site can just wait for me to be good and ready to update it. In other unexciting news (well, maybe it's kinda exciting) is that I finally kicked in a story idea and got some words down (only about 700 so far actually) for a new story in the Second Volume of the Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo Anthology. Which, if we all have our way, will be available by December for purchase. It does, in case anyone cares, involve the same character as my story in the first Anthology - this time I'm going to take things a little further with the story line though. Consider the first story a warm up and lengthy intro. Now, onto mindless computer gaming until I fall asleep four hours from now.

Kansas City and Back

Busy week... Went to Kansas City, MO on Thursday evening and got back Sunday evening. Several days in the city, not to bad a place really. Would neve live there mind you, but a cool place to visit. If you're ever in Kansas City go down town and check a place called The Majestic, live jazz every night in the basement. Really neat. Of course, while I'm away they decide to basically burn Colorado down - I come home to eight fires. EIGHT. One is the largest the area has seen in years. Got some fairly cool shots of the sun setting through the fire smoke as we drove in on I-70 though, at one point the sun was a perfect sphere of orange, pure bright orange. We had a DV camera on hand as well. Once we edit that sucket a bit we'll probably have some kind of footage up on the site. Me and Dave in a car for nine hours! Spiffy drive, I've done worse.
I got some stuff done on the site - the letter 'I' on the music section. Lots of Iron Maiden CDs ... lots. Not as far as I'd have liked to gotten done. But I came home to a bunch of emails and usenet posts. So I sifted through those over a two day period. Had to a bunch of things for the convention (Nan Desu Kan) and other things. So there they are.
Future updates include more than one letter at a time in the CD section so I can hurry up and get to some other shit.
Second other news is I hear from some people regarding an ezine I participated in a few years back called Mindkites. Cool 'zine and I was sad to see it die. There's talk of kicking back into life in the near future... hopefully that goes further than a few emails back and forth and so on. I've got some ideas for a few rants I'd like to let the world in on. It's either use them for Mindkites or use them here.
I have no other news, that's it. Exciting isn't it? I'd like to say I'm up for something really spectacular but no ... I'm currently struggling to purchase my car and see how quickly I can get that out of the way (not quickly enough) and actually get POSITIVE cashflow. That must go against some kind of American law somewhere ... positive cashflow ... what a joke. I'm signining off for now. If you can't keep it real, sell out with style.

Swedish Fish and Lemonade

Quick note on the updates then I'm outta here. Managed to get all the way through 'L' on the CDs so those are all uploaded. Which puts me two weeks ahead of my desired schedule for getting the music section done. Also picked up two new CDs - Tom Waits 'Blood Money' and Future Sound Of London 'My Kingdom'. The first is a new album that I haven't entered into the Database on this site yet (it's all the way up in 'W'.) and the other was added in to keep up to date (hence the active link).
Other than that this update is only a little later than I'd have liked but I got busy and wanted to get as much done as possible. There is no other news in my life. None that I'm sharing any way. Which means today's little paragraph is now coming to a full and complete stop.

7-11 Nightmares at 3AM

I'm on a roll, added another three sections to the music M thru O. that puts me at 349 done out of 502. I also picked up Tom Waits' other new album 'Alice' which is much slower than 'Blood Money' but just as good. I also have Union Underground on order and should have that later this week. If things go as planned (which they never do) I should actually be finished with the Music section next week - several months ahead of the planned schedule of finishing the list off in September. Yay me.
The rest of my life is tumbling out of control and my mental state closley resembles a 15 car pile up, on fire. Which is par for the course. I've had to drop out of one of my RolePlaying groups due to work and personal issues. Which sucks, but such is life. I've still got the IBC Hero game with a couple of coworkers that we try and work in Saturday nights which has got to be one of the single best campaigns I've participated in - even if Kyle did drive my character insane. I'd describe it but it'd take too much time... on to other things. My brother gave me his Playstation, due to his recent purchase of a PlayStation2 he doesn't need it anymore. So I've finally upgraded from my 16-bit Genesis to the Playstation. I have two games currently, Armored Core: Master Of Arena and Fear Effect. Gods only know when I'm actually supposed to PLAY these games. But there they are. Sitting on top of the DVD Player waiting for me to plug in the damn thing and play. I've also got it into my skull that I can produce some wall-art from all the random computer parts sitting around my apartment. I've located all the needed materials and now only need a bit of start up cash to purchase the drill, drill bits and small pieces of sheet metal to put the ideas together. Then of course there is the writing, I still have yet to come up with a solid story for the Second ACC Anthology. And I'm bugging everyone I know for poetry to put together a collected work of that and get it published, hopefully before the year is out. And then Dave goes and shows me a really cool piece of software called Reason (it makes music, but you knew that I bet) and then showed me how easy it was to use (I learned in the two minutes it took for him to show me). Damn you Dave, Damn you. Now I have urge to make music of my own (lacking any talent mind you, but creativity hardly requires talent). When the hell am I supposed to find the time to do that? Oh I forgot the other creative outlet of Graphics, I'm still messing with Poser 3 and Bryce 5 to create stuff. I've spent far to many hours playing with Bryce to try and create realistic Sky-Scapes. I sleep in there somewhere (I think, at least there are periods of blackness). And work (That oh so lovely Stress-Bomb that pays the bills). I eat on the fly (I'm still amazed that I manage to not eat at Fast Food places and actually cook 2 of every 5 meals!). Not to mention all the other little things that are required of living. Like taking out the trash, doing laundry and cleaning. I finally got my kitchen clean and in order - and it's STAYING that way. (the laughter you hear is my Muse's only comment on that last statement.)
Reading the above paragraph I think my mind collapsed. I'm reaching some kind of critical mass - if Denver implodes all I have to say is ... sorry? Which I wouldn't be, but the sentiment is there. Or something. So .. until next week, when I've completely broken down, have fun.