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Two months later I'm still here.
I'm finding direction again in things. Maybe even purpose too. But let's not get ahead of myselves.
America. The Great Anti-Culture.
Some people will tell you I call it that for some sort of shock value. Or because I'm a malcontent. I say it because I believe it's true. America does not have a culture. It absorbs all other known cultures and beliefs on the planet and puts a McDonalds and a Starbucks up next to it. Everything becomes a solid coloured bland inconic system. Everything and Everyone is a generic who can walk into any place and get generic so they don't feel out of place. You no longer get culture shock from walking into another culture, you get a Number Three with a Large Coke, please.
Except that we get culture shocked and future shocked everytime we get out of bed. Technology is moving faster than society. Reality is moving faster that you can keep up with it.
Maybe I'm wrong, we're not an Anti-Culture here in America. We're a Hyper-Culture, moving faster than our own ability to keep up with our own desires, trends, ambitions and lives. Soundbites hit us at the speed of light, changing channels faster than we can twitch our overworked Nintendo Thumb. We blink and become outmoded and outdated. America is a culture built on Counter Culture's and Reactionary Cultures where Technocrats and Neo-Luddites collide in the morning commute on their way to work while stopping off to get a Latte Grande with an extra shot of Esspresso. Eyes twitch and ears ring with the constant battering of Pop-Culture dullness.
So what about me? How do I fight it? I don't. Or maybe I do. I don't own a television. I don't shop in malls. I don't eat fast food. I don't listen to the radio. I don't have labels or slogans on my clothes. I don't drink, or smoke, or do drugs. I don't have any ambition inside the coporate structure I work for. I don't know what the current trends are. Or the slang. I follow world news. I use the system at hand to get what I want without standing out. I am the person who slides past you on my patient way to whereever I go while you're hurried agitation does nothing more than instigate your own frustrations.
My life is patient. So let's take a short second, since you've read this far, and point out exactly what I'm doing here with this digital space. There are no ads. There are no flash movies. There are no things to buy. There is only the content I place. It's not a lot of content, but it's more than most any other site on this thing called the World Wide Web.

Generalized Mayhem, Accurate Within 15 Feet

Lots of minor updates through the site this week. Cleaned up some code. Fixed a few pages. Changed the Images section to get rid of the frames. No additions though. Still working on that great big list of music. It'll get up eventually.
In other news ... I heard from an old High School friend a little while ago. I attempted to reply but the Administrator for the .EDU address was being a bitch. It took some doing to actually get a reply through. I haven't heard back again yet though. So I don't know if she's just busy (most likely) or if the schools SysAdmin is a complete fuckwit (also likely...) when it comes to letting people email students. Hopefully I'll get a response - if not and you're reading this René - I'm not ignoring you.
And other areas of reality are ... not a lot going on. I'm attempting to get some solid chapters down for a book I'm attempting to write. 15,000 words down and only 3-5,000 are any good. Depending on how I edit it. It's an interesting task, fun, frustrating. Sleep depriving. But then, so is the rest of life.
And onto the ridiculous, I have a pair of mini Flourescent lights sitting on the table here in front of a stack of Zip Disks. I don't have a lamp for them. Should I throw them out? Smash them? Find a lamp they work for? Let them sit a little longer? Ah, the possibilties.
How to irritate people: find a fanatic, destory something he loves. Guy at work is far to brand specific when it comes to computers. He hates Macs. Another guy at work is the same way but he hates Intel machines. I like taking sides. This week I am on the side of the Mac user (I've been a Macintosh user for longer than him, I usually take his side...). I take one of my ancient Pentium 133 chips in so we can procede to smash it to little bitsies. The Windows-Fanatic is up in arms. Yes folks, we get paid to sit around and think of these things. I love my job.
That's it, that's all you're going to get to see of my warped little perception of reality for now.