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Electro-Ambient Sounds Source of the Future

Let's start by describing the actual update process that goes on. First I need the time to do it. Usualy I try and get updates done on a Tuesday, since I have Tuesday's off of work. But it's not a one day process, unless I'm only updating the front page - in which case it's a ten minute process. What happens is I spend some time Sunday night and Monday night working on things and getting them ready then do an actual upload on Tuesday. If I don't have time during that period then no update happens. Sometimes I update before Tuesday, but not always. Lots of thing stop me from having the time, working on Sunday and Monday is a big factor - especially if my activities from Saturday (my other day off) deprive me of any sleep before work on Sunday. So a lot of times Tuesday rolls around and I have to do all the updates then. Not to bad, since I don't usually do anything during the day. Which hasn't been the case in several months. So now I do the web updates when I get the time to do them.
Like right now, I got home from work, and started immediately doing web updates. Well, almost. I had to install windows on Natalia (the machine I do all the web stuff on) using VirtualPC and had less trouble than I did installing Windows on my Pentium Machine. Go figure. Now Natalia is file sharing with all the computers in the room - truly the center of the communications hub in my apartment. She enjoys the status.
What else have I been doing that prevents web updates? Well, working on the web site actually. I'm still putting all the information from my CD collection online and making it available for all you people to paruse. it's a lot of information to go through. I'm hoping to get half the collection up by the middle of June. And then the rest by the middle of July. We'll see how that goes.
So I did a slight reorganization of the site creating the new Randomocity section to hold those Random bits of information I put out - like the Noise and Evil Co. sections - as well as The New Technocrat ezine that was, until recently, called Rants. I also put the projects I contribute directly to on the front page as advertisement instead of buried within the site like before. Makes them more accessable that way. I'm working on some new fiction as well, maybe some of it will get onto the site. Some of it I'm saving to publish myself later on - hopefully I'll have enough to put into a book by December. Which would be cool We'll see how it all goes. Until next time .... don't hurt yourselves to badly.

Transmissions From The Quiet Side

So I grabbed a few of the images I worked on in recent months and put them up. I also added a story written by a friend to the Words section. So there, two sections updated this week. That's enough for me. Don't want to spoil you people with massive updates and additions, might start expecting that from me.
What else is new ... nothing. I am actually working on some stories and poems and stuff, maybe some of it will get onto the site. One never knows.
I need more to say here .....
Anecdote Time ... nevermind, I don't have any good ones off the top of my head. Yep, excitement abounds. So let's throw some shout outs ... First goes to Alex for being the only person whom I know for a fact actually visits this page (yayness). Second to René - write back to me you ninny! or at least get me your snail-mail address so I can write you on paper or something (if I get a response then I'll know I have two viewers!!). Dave - for getting cadaver parts added to his own body (knee surgery). And .. my Muse, for making sure I got back up when I fell over.

Ahead of schedule and under budget

Well hey, something funny happened in the middle of the update this week. I was fixing a lot of internal links and such and came across some that are, or will be, obsolete. So, instead of keeping them around until they become obsolete I did some shuffling and coding and thinking and well .. I'm launching the music/CD list early. I've only done up through 'G' in my collection but I'm giving it to you know - the link is to the left. (pssst, that way <------). The idea here is to two fold. One to make sure I actually finish the list, by putting it online now I lock myself into completing it. Two - keep me on a weekly update schedule as I plan on adding a letter a week until I'm done. Which means I'll be on a weekly schedule through the summer as I've got 19 letters to go until I finish. Heh, how's that for dandy cool?
What else what else .... shit, I don't really have much else to say. Oh yeah, so I hung out with my mom on Saturday and when she came over she handed me the single most interesting napkin I have ever seen. I won't ask how she came across the oddity, she has a knack for finding the weird. It's a read napkin with a gold Hammer and Sickle on it and a Star... ie, it's the flar of the USSR. On a napkin. I hung it up on my wall here in the computer room next to the Jolly Roger (that's a pirate flag for those who don't know).
So, what else am I going to do with this site besides add a list of all my CDs? Good question. This is where I answer it since I brought it up ... heh. Well, the idea of actually doing something with the Interests sections occured to me. You know, like update the book and movie lists. Add a section on Role Playing which I do a lot of. Maybe even a few other things. I could add more about me. but I won't. I do have my annual picture though - I could find time to scan that in and post it on the site so those who don't know me in person will know what I look like. Maybe.
Ok, more advertising shit since there are a lot of people who worked hard on a project and we want it to succeed. See that link to the left on the bottom about The Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo.Anthology? Good, go to it and buy the book. You will NOT be dissapointed but the stories contained therein. Some are of superb quality, truly an excellent collection of fiction any Sci-Fi fan will like and any Cyberpunk fan will like twice as hard. With chrome on top. GO NOW!
And that's it. I'm done. I'll see you next week.

Psychotropic Lollipop on a Luke-Warm Fusion Fork

Every day last week has me up until between 0400 and 0500. Gah! Seeing False Dawn every day just makes you tired by default. Not that I wasn't having a good time mind you. Was visiting Dave after his recovery from having cadaver parts inserted into his knee, watching him attempt to use crutches was so worth sleep deprivation. Roleplaying on a couple nights. Hanging with friends in general on Friday and Saturday. More gaming on Sunday. I don't even REMEMBER Thursday. Saturday during the day had me at the Sixth Annual Denver Blues & Bones Festival where I picked up a few more CDs (heh, go figure on that) and had a general good time.
I also have spent a lot of time not writing a damn thing - but messing around with Poser, working to learn how to use that to effectiveness. Next I'll be integrating Poser with Bryce and Photoshop with more complexity, probably Cinema 4D as well.
I also managed to read a book on Monday (Mercedes Lackey - Oathbreakers) instead of sleeping. I'll sleep tonight maybe. I doubt it though. I did work some more on the Music/CD list, done up to H so far. I was hoping to get a little further but no such luck. Next week I think I'll aim high and finish off two letters of the alphabet instead of just one. Yeah, sure.
I also found to time to mess with Bryce3D a little working on skies and skylines .. got one new image to throw up in the Images section that took something like an hour including rendering it a couple dozen times. It's a simple little thing but I like it enough to throw up. Which brings me onto the next point that while at Blue And Bones on Saturday the Colorado Skyline managed to do only what it cold and go on forever and ever. Watching clouds and sun and moon (we were there until around 2130) move across the expanse above us I saw a lot of cool shots I wanted to try and render. Which I'll have to do before my memory is clogged up with other shit. Expect a series of skylines and shots in the next week or two.
Other than that I have nothing else to say, right now I must go a bother Saturn regarding the end of my lease and coerce them into selling me the car. Oh yeah - The car. Cars are money pits. But mostly because people are stupid. My Passenger Side View Mirror was removed from my vehicle sometime on Friday, I believe. I wasn't in the vehicle at the time which means it was parked. Since I did a bit of shopping on Friday for food and such who knows exactly WHERE I lost the mirror. The point is that people are so fucking stupid they hit parked vehicles. And then drive off. Kind of pisses me off - I mean, when I my stereo was stolen the damage done to the car I could understand, they needed to steel something of worth so they smashed the window and removed my console. Idiots driving by and breaking off Side Mirrors is something else entirely. fuckwits abound. Ah well, I go know. Be well.