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Woke up this morning...

Been working on Nan Desu Kan pretty much nonstop for the past two weeks in my spare time. So no update last week because of that. And the fact that I worked the entire week strait through and had no spare time. I've got a lot to update on the site - but haven't done it all yet. Like another bunch of CDs, some changes and additions to my computers (wheee.) The fact that I have a NEW computer on the way as well because Natalia here has gotten sick and developed a battery problem. And because of the Con and need for mobility, I need something portable. And can't lose even a day of emails and such. I'd use another machine but that puts files in to many places and things will get lost. So I went onto ebay and bought a used laptop. Yay. Once I get Natalia fixed I'll have two. Cool. Also added more stuff into Expensive Lies under Randomocity. And fixed a few broken links on Other Places. At the bottom of this page is a post written by a fellow poster to AltCyberpunkChatsubo. Read it and think a little about where we're going and then go do something. Even if it's only making a single persons life better.
the post referenced has been moved here.