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Shoot 'Em Full Of R'&'B

Check this out ... two weeks in a row AND a major update. NEW ADDITION: PETS! I've added a Pets section to showcase the little critters I share my place with. I've only got pictures of one of my Betta fish and my Water Dragon. But the promise of more is there! And as with most anything on this site .. it'll just get more and more added on to it as time goes by.
Which brings me around to an interesting point ... so many web pages have the "Under Construction" signs everywhere and all over. This site is designed to be dynamic in that it is ALWAYS under some kind of construction. If that means I added some new CDs I got over the past week or put up some new images I've done then there you go. It also means that as soon as I can start a section I will, like the Pets section. Having gotten some pictures (OK, I had them in January but as we have learned my track record through February sucks when it comes to this site) I promptly made a front page and some sub pages. Eventually, one or two pages at a time, I'll be adding more and more. Which not only gives people incentive to come back (all both you who read this) but let's me break large projects down into manageble chunks. Which is what Time Management really is. End Rant
So now I've got some pet stuff up. The first addition will probably be a FAQ and Care Guide for Water Dragons since they're harder than fish to take care of. After that I'll add an FAQ and Care Guide for the Betta's which are hardy little fish but still require some care. As time goes on I'll get a camera (probably cheap disposable ones) and take more pictures. Also in the plans are a larger Terrarium for Komodo .. a nice massive Six Foot by Four Foot by Two Foot (or so) cabinet for him to chill in with plently of room. As I build it I will most definitely be putting up pictures of each stage with comments as a "How To" for home built Terrariums.
So the plan is anyways. I've also added some more to the RPG sections - another character. I plan on adding even more to that site as well, some Game and Genre Guides for running various types of game genre's. I plan on leaving rules open enough to allow for pretty much anything while giving enough guidelines to realistically run a genre.
Other than that I've nothing more to add this week. I see some decent sized updates in the near future, mostly in the RPG and Pets sections. I don't know how long before I get to add more CDs however, Uncle Sam has decided I made too much and owe him a bit of change.
Until next week - don't hurt yourselves.

[guitar solo]

Sorry, no updates through April. I kept forgetting to get stuff done. So, since Real Life ™ keeps getting in the way of my plans I'll have to have it destroyed. Plans change sometimes, and Komodo (the pet water dragon) is not getting his own custom built cage at the moment. He is getting moved to my seventy gallon tank however as a temporary fix until I come up with the funds to build his real home. I'd keep him there indefinitely but I want fish in it to tell the truth. So there, I've no more to say at the moment. I'll be back in May with some more stuff. Honest.