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I'm Going For A Walk

Updates: site upgraded to v2.2 with the addition of 'personalized' banners for each section. Added five new albums to the CD collection, more on the way. Added SETI@Home link to Projects list. Updated copyright statement to reflect new banner images - thanks to Dave for the original image, hope you like the edits I've done.
Additions: Wedding section. On July 25th I proposed to my girlfriend, we'll be married on June 5th of 2004.
Updates took a while, been very busy. Went to Otakon in Baltimore for convention related business. Was unimpressed with the convention itself (could have done more on friday for live programming IMO), had a lot of fun at the Directors Dinner saturday night. Baltimore sucks, never go there. Did find a kick ass Irish Pub on the inner bay though, waiter was a cool guy too. Power outage on the North East US made work a massive pain in the ass, but hey at least I had power. That's all for now.
God Inside A Moment

The City Streets Are Where You Roam

Updates: six new CDs. that's all. Nan Desu Kan Convention is coming up, wouldn't expect much, if anything, in September. And I have nothing to say right now. If I think of something I'll be sure to post it.
God Inside A Dreamtime