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Breathe deep before it's too late

I managed to finish the NaNoWriMo novel in the thirty days. It topped out at 66,931 words. It reached a climax, and a conclusion, and I ended it. Bang. And even now I look at it and go, well, there's more right? I mean, the story itsn't really over? Well, not really. But that part I suppose I'm done telling. Anyway, thanks to NaNoWriMo I have now managed to kick start my creative juices and have several story ideas I plan on writing. A short story, well actually a series of short stories that belong to a larger piece. And a large follow up piece to this years NaNoWriMo that I may not wait until next year to write, just in case I forget the points I have in mind now.
Other news, I've updated my 'computer' section a bit, mostly by taking out one of them since I gave the machine away. I'll get pictures .. some day. Really. I'd say more but I'm off to write some stuff. And clean this house a bit. Next Update: new CDs!

I Want You To Find Happiness

Several updates this week. First is a pair of new CDs, I picked up the Evanescence disc and the single. The lead singers voice is excellent, rock needs more strong female vocalists, especially ones that don't whine. Updated some information on the Chatsubo page, a new version of the FAQ and minor edits. Some minor updates to the page about me, and some new Links as well. Also a newer version of the site. I redid the navigation section on the main page here, dividing it down a little more and redoing the titles of the sections. I also did some behind the scenes rearrangement of the site. Mostly the pages under The Site and The Me are in a new directory of their own instead of on the top level here. Not that it matters to you all out there but the files are organized a little more on my end. Also in the works is a Site History page, I'm in the middle of getting it all together right now. I hope to have it completed and online by the new year. Next week ... I'll think of something to put up.

Mechanical The Passion

Another Holiday season thing come and gone and away. As I ran about to get gifts I went on a rare CD spree. Ten new discs in the week before Xmas. So some new CDs up and nothing else was done to the site. Well, nothing else that's being put up yet anyway. I worked some more on the history page which you'll see when I'm done, hopefully in the next week or so. I got my fiancee a pair of parakeets for xmas, so now I'm off to rearrange the basement pet room to fir their cage in. We're getting a zoo down here... I got a new fish who's name is Alice, a beuatiful yellow-gold koi. I've rarely seen such a perfect gold on a fish, no orange tint to it at all. Amazing. Anyway, I'm off to move furniture around.