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Give Me A Sense Of Wonder

Er... little late on the update here. Yeah yeah, I've been busy. First the holiday season, then the new year, then the general depression of realizing my father passed away a year ago. I'm back though, and moving on. Things are just a humming along. More Or Les.
I had planned a bigger update this time around but it just didn't work. I've got all but three of my new CDs online now. I'll get the others next week. Over twenty CDs in total I think. I was going to have an update in the RPG section and I was going to try and get some information on all my pets up. One lizard, two bettas and two goldfish. Photos, information and all that cool stuff. But ... didn't get to it.
And tonight I see Henry Rollins perform live, mostly likely this upload will be done after the show so I'll make some remarks before that. For now it is 03/01/15 @ 045.
OK, so I'm even later than I said I would be throwing this update out there. Henry Rollins kicked ass, great show. Got home around 0130, crashed about 0200. Got up early enough to get my girlfriend to work and then came home again with intent to update - but crashed for a few more hours instead. There ya have it. So now, after work, I write this last paragraph and update the site. Have fun. Next week are some more new CDs and hopefully some pictures of my fish and lizard.