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Let's Go To Europe

Slow going, but going. I'm fixing things, altering things and moving things around as I go through the site. Each section is managing to get at least two revitions as I "Make The Site Better". Up through C in the music section - whoopdeedoo. But I'be been working on other things too - secret private things. And I spent the better part of today running wires through the house in order to get a network connection from the second floor into the basement. Which entailed going up to the attic and then down again using the coduit that the water pipes use all the way into the washroom and then across the ceiling in the basement (which is finished so that was a trick) into the target room. Of course we couldn't run down a basment wall so the jack comes out of the ceiling in the back of the room - which is really the front of the house. And that was my afternoon. So now I finish this post, throw it up and off to gaming after finding dinner.


So, I'm checking some things on the maintenance side of the site, pull up the statistics and take a look. Now mind you, in the six odd years I've owened the domain and squatted a web page here I have never once really looked into the statistics of the thing. I've checked logs now and then, but that's about it. Why I did tonight is beyond me. But ... odd thing here. People seem to be visiting my site. Lots more than I expected, over a hundred a day. Which is about a little over a hundred more than I expected. Most of them hit one page and leave but that's not uncommon I don't think. Probably my music section. I've discovered something interesting about my music section - it's being cross reference by other pages on the web. I suddenly feel the need to expand it's level of detail. I'll go searching for information on a band and manage to end up on my own page. I don't know why I didn't expect that eventually, but I didn't. Maybe I'm on my way to obtaining some kind of underground web cult status? Or maybe that's sleep deprivation talking. The update is going nicely, converting the pages isn't taking too long, but I don't have tons of time at the moment to dedicate to this things. Hopefully all the pages will be updated and the links will be Frame Friendly. Which is the majority of the update to the site to be quite honest.
Other happenings include a possible front page facelift. Dave (one of the people I actually know reads the site) has offered to redo the top image (the logo above this) and this whole opening shot. He gave me one new title image and I'm mulling it over, I like it but am just not sure yet. Maybe if I can figure a way to randomize the images that appears I'll get a half dozen or so made and go with that. I don't know. Not one bit. I might just keep his image. Maybe. Who knows. Not me apparently. Anyway, uploaded more pages, corrected more pages and started several projects that will be unveiled in coming weeks. Now all I need is a camera to finish the Computer and Pets sections.
Until next time try not to die.

Interrupted Back To The Inbetweens

Music links are now updated through L, more coming soon. the Musiclinks page itself is growning quickly but needs to be organized. Dave threw up an idea for a front page redesign that was cool, version 2.1 should be out soonish if I go with it or something similar. Until then...

Circling Overland

Upshot is I've done some design modifications that brings me into V2.1 of the site, so far only the music section has been changed in such a way. On the plus side with only 14 music files to go before the section is completely updated means the other sections are close behind. I should have the rest of music done by the end of the week and maybe another section.

Hooks in you, Hooks in me

Another update almost on top of the previous, little over 12 hours later. The update to V2.1 is almost complete, I hope to have it done in the next day or so. V2.1 is mostly a navigation update so no real asthetic changes to be perceived. Except the title image in all the sub-sections, it's the image Dave designed for me to use. And the front page is getting a minor face lift in the navigation section. Additions to the site will commence next week or so.

The bomber boys are going home

Version 2.1 is complete now. Navigation has been moved to the bottom frame with the copyright statement and the front page has a slight face lift to it. With all that done, Version 2.2 is in the works already .. which will be an update to the title graphic in the top frame. In short I'm designing a shorter graphic and customizing it for each section. I hope to have that done by the end of August. In the meantime normal updates will now commence, I have several CDs to add in and some more stories and such to put up. Those will come in over time in August. Until then take it easy.