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Blowning up your mind

First in the series of updates this week as I revamp the site. I've decide to go back to using frames after several years away. Mostly because frames allow me to do several things, like keep a logo at the top of the back throughout the whole site. Only have to update and keep track of one copyright notice. And it looks a little neater as it is more uniform throughout the site. One thing I didn't do with the frames this time around is create a navigation frame. So, parts of the site may not work properly as I go through updating everything. I'll simply be adding comments directly under this one for the week as I upload and fix various directories. So far the changed directories are Words, Thoughts and the top directory where this Main Page sits. I won't be placing the ~/~ tag on a section unless something new was actually added, which will be the case for a few sections. Namely I've got some new CDs to add, some new parts of the RPG section and maybe a story or two to post up.

Living Life In Camera

On my way with the site update, got everything totally updated linkwise except the music section. Which is underway, but will have broken links for a while as I complete it, so far I'm through 'A' .. which isn't a lot but considering every other section of the site is done it will have to do. Leaving the previous update notes below for now. I think I'll start a new thing where I don't move the comments for any given month until that month is up .. that way anyone can see what I've done through the month, not that it matters much. So what I'm really saying is leaving the comments for a month up there through the month just saves me a little bit of work on updating to do. As far as new stuff goes - I've added some things to the RPG section, namely some stuff for my IBC2057 character. An edited background (spelled checked), the synopsis of the very first session with the character as well as some updated stats for said character. I also edited the background story for the Starhero character. Also the Music Links section has been updated and added to, it will continue to grow as I edit the Music section itself. No new CDs added yet, I'm waiting for the revamp to be complete.
So, once I redo the links to allow for the frams the site now has I shall be putting up the following updates and additions: Music section will have my new CDs added, Pets will have the pictures of my pet lizards new home, I shall being work on a Movies Section that will do much the same that my Music section is now doing - catalogue my movie collection and give information on the movies. For now, this is all