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Brutalize Me I Will Heal

A quick note on Yard Gnomes. Vicious little things that they are. Just last week a band of two dozen or so broke into my apartment, subdued me (I was sleeping at the time) and tied me down. They then proceeded to pull out shaving cream and strait razors and shave off my beard. Clean shave at least. They untied me and fled before I could nail one of the little bastards with a handy shoe.
I added the last of my new CDs, another 8, well, two of them were double CD sets. I have pictures of my lizard and fish ready to go, still building the pets pages though. Also still writing and condensing and editing my synopsis for my only current RPG character from the last year of roleplaying. I'm up to somewhere in May or June or so. It took us a year to get two months of gameplay. I'll also be pulling out some of my more characters up, some past, some I play on and off when there's a pick up game afoot.
And now, why did it take me so lang to do an update? I've had the pages I'm putting up now ready for over a month but things got in the way. First, the general miasma of January set in. Second, February rolls around and my brother graduates from the Marine Corps. He is now a Marine, Private First Class. Currently he's off shooting guns as the marines put him through what is called School Of Infantry. Marine boot camp works this way - they brain wash you into being a Marine. Which, when you meet one turns out to be a not so bad thing. They're polite for one thing, curtious and friendly. After all that you're good for Gaurd Duty. After School Of Infantry (which takes a second three months) the marine is now ready to kill things. But that's not all, the marines aren't just grunts. You can get more training so you can be a more effective killing machine. My brother is still a certified Chef to boot. Which means he can cook you dinner then kill you in ways you didn't know you could be killed. Have to admit it, my brother turned out to be pretty cool.
On another front, also having to do with my brother, I'm now an uncle. My brothers girlfriend had her baby on January 24th. He has some medical problems but nothing that won't be worked through. He's like his dad already - a tough little bastard. My brother is also engaged now, so I have a future sister in law to go with the nephew. Kinda neat.
That's it, that's all of my personal life you get at the moment. And since it's finally decided to snow in the Denver area we might have some water left to drink this coming summer.

You Can Be A No Man In Anyone's Land

Six feet of snow later ... No update last Tuesday due to the snow storm that barrelled through the Denver Metro Area last week. Tuesday I was called into work since almost no one could make it. I did a normal eight hour stint then all of third shift managed to make it in. Coworker drove me home as I had a ride in. My car was completely snowed in, little saturn with four feet of snow behind it. Stopped at the grocery store for supplies. Wednesday came and the building I work in was closed, too much snow on the roof. My job was rerouted to other parts of the country not under six feet of snow. I did nothing but clean my apartment and get some sleep. Lizard had free run of the apartment all day that day - he loved it. Didn't update the site though, well, I did work on it, pretty much all day, between naps and fits of cleaning. Got some updates ready but didn't finish them so I didn't upload 'em. Then back to work Thursday in the second building at the Work Campus. Back the normal place by Monday though. That was last week. There's more in the details but I'm not going into it all.
Updates: added parts to the RPG section. Namely the character history and character sheet for Sarah in the IBC game. Am working on putting up several other characters. Now, some Hero System people might actually look at this site and take a look at that character and think "erm... that's a bit much." Well, it's a high powered game with even higher powered bad guys, and lots of them. I added five more CDs (four albums, one double CD set) to the collection. And that about covers it. I plan on adding more RPG characters next week, will start working on them right after this upload. As well as starting work on the Pets section wherein I shall showcase my two beta's, one goldfish and one water dragon. Items will include pictures and basic care of the creatures. As time goes on I'll get more involved in the care and maintenance of these animals as well. Plus more pictures as I get them. Eventually I hope to get to the point where I have detailed advanced care of the animals I own included feeding, maintenance and such, including costs for those who might want to own their own pets.
Right now.. I'm off to work on more stuff, write a bit maybe and just generally take it easy on this evening. My girlfriend is currently dozing on my couch as Miles Davis plays in the background and I've got a full pot of coffee to get me through. All in all, even if all I do is pick up a book and read it the night is just fine. Slow, little bit lazy, quiet and smooth. Until next week - have fun and have a good cup of coffee along the way.