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Killing Time In The Blue Shadow

Quick shot update. Added one new CD handed to me by a friend. Updated my links page - removing dead links and adding a few more. Also, have a major update involving the use of some Frames for the site. I had at one point gone away from frames because I got to fancy with them. I've got an elegant solution now that I'll be using. It just requires that I update all the links that use outside pages so they load in a window without my frames. That could take a little bit of time as I go through my music section where most of them are located an add the target="_top" attribute to the < a > tags.
Also in other random news, I've moved two of my computers to my girlfriends house. The start of the move in proccess. I figure if I start slow and move up to other things my brain won't notice. This'll be the first time I've lived with someone as a partner instead of a roommate situation. I'm not sure if my addled brain will go 'ah, sure. cool.' or freak out completely, dump its logic circuit and go berserk on me. If I do it slowly it might not notice the difference until it's too late and I can blame it on a mid life crisis or something. Yeah. It's all good.
And this weekend I'm taking a trip to California so next weeks update will either be late or not at all as I'd like to make the next update the site modification. We'll see how that goes. So, there. Take it easy, keep it real

[drum solo]

Another month and no updates. I'm getting into a bad habit aren't I? Well, other things in life come along that prevent me from getting here and since only about two people read this ... I'm not very worried. Though it'll be hard to attain a legendary internet cult status if I don't update the site with stuff and make it useful now won't it? stagnant sites hardly get slashdotted. Ah well, ppbbtt on that. No recent additions of any kind.
But ... I do now have the materials to build a new larger terrarium for my lizard. What's really going on is I'm putting him into my seventy gallon tank. I'll be documenting the whole process with pictures and putting it up on the site. I'm hoping to create a guide for people that want to make a terrarium or do something more interesting that an 'out of the box' type terrarium. Instead of just buying or making a top for the tank I'll be building a custom top that raises the vertical height by at least twelve inches. This gives a climbing lizard like the Chinese Water Dragon more space to go up. This also allows me to attempt to make heat/climate zones inside the tank as I can better position heaters and such for him. I'll not only provide pictures and commentary but I'm going to put together a basic pricing guide of what the whole deal cost me. I'm hoping it'll be helpful to other people who want to get a tropical lizard. My guide will also address how to maintain a tank for tropical lizards in a dry climate such as Colorado since most sites don't even bring the issue up.
But that's it for now, still working on a major site revamp and playing with formats and layouts. We'll see what happens. Until next time - be good and if you can't be good at least have fun.