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Rock! Rock! 'Till You Drop!

November is National Novelist Writers Month. I think I've mentioned that before, NaNoWriMo. Well, I'm writing a 50,000 word novel this month. And while that isn't a lot of words I'm finding trouble fitting it into my schedule at the moment. I have a house to get back into order after dumping all my stuff in the living room, the yard to clean up and a few trees to trim. None of which I've ever really needed to do before. I hope to actually do quite a bit of updating this month, as I plan on putting up my Novel In Progress for all to read. Now keep in mind it will be unedited and mostly made up as I go along with only the basic of plots in place. In theory I should edit it and clean it up once I get it done by the end of the month. We'll see. The navigation bar to the left, next to the NaNoWriMo link, will hold my word count so far with each update. And of course I'll reach my goal because it's easy and fun! On that note, the first part is up in the writing section. It'll be posted in a large single piece with each update, so if you're keeping up you'll just have to find out where you left off, or reread just in case I went back and partially rewrote a section. See ya.

I Cannot Count The Bloody Cost

Matrix: Revolutions is being trashed by everyone from critics to fans. Personally I don't think it was that bad really. I mean, it wasn't a great movie, certainlly not a classic. But it wasn't as bad as people seem to be making it out to be. See it on an IMAX if possible. My NaNoWriMo novel is .. well it's horrible really. Terrible writing, contrived at best. Dialogue seems forced in places, the plot is going .. who the hell knows where my plot is going. I'm interested in finding out though, so that means I'll continue writing until I find out. The next update is up, little over eleven thousand words. have fun.

Weighing Over Ten Feet Tall

Dealing with an insane person, a metaphor: You sit down to play chess with them, knowing they're using the rules for parcheesi. Half way into the game you're losing, they switched from the rules for parcheesi to backgammon and finally to chess. It's your move and you look down on the board and realize you're playing parcheesi.
The lizard is perched on a log and hasn't moved in two and a half hours.
Now if you'll excuse me I have to take the fish for a walk.

I See The World Thru Bloodshot Eyes

34,963 words in the NaNoWriMo novel so far. Goal for today: 10,000 more words.

This Happened In Novemeber

The NaNoWriMo endeavor is still in progess. I did reach 50,000 words around the morning of the twenty-fourth. Unforetunately I did not finish the story I'm writing. Last year I barely reached the 50k mark as the month drew to a close, I finished with about ten minutes to go to midnight. this year I managed to get it a whole week early. So, unlike last years novel which was left unfinished but with the minimum word count, I plan on getting to the end this year. Hence there is still the 'work in progress' link instead of the title. Speaking of the working title, it changed shortly after the last update. Anyway, since I'm bound and determined to get to the end of this years story before the thirtieth the word count will continue to climb. It stand at just over fifty-five thousand right now. The next update to the site will be early on in December and contain the completed novel. If for some unknown reason I don't actually finish the story ... we'll still post this years that was written during November as the official NaNoWriMo document, and then a link to the end that will be written the first week in December. So that's this years goal, not fifty thousand words but a finished story. The word count was easy, the ending is a bit trickier...
In other random news I have been appointed interum shift lead at work since our normal lead is on a sabbatical, it should last through the first week of January. Also in random news my glasses broke, which isn't really news worthy by itself. But the sound they made was neat, the spring inside the spring arm spanged while I was at my computer at work. I heard the little twang just above my ear and thought "What the hell was that?" and in response my glasses fell off my face and onto the keyboard. Good thing I get my glasses at the Lenscrafters across the street from work, ran over on my lunch and got a new pair. That's it for news in my world. Bye.