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Breathe With Me

Not much to say, and nothing new to add really. I'm moving from my apt to the house completely this month. Meaning I have to pack all my stuff, move it to the house and unpack it all. Then find space for it. Easy for some bits, not so easy for others. Of course, I'm moving in small loads all month so it's not that bad. On the 14th I move the rest of the large furniture (desk and couch) to the house, the desk I've got a spot for it assuming I can get it down into the basement. It's a big solid wood desk that doesn't come apart and the basement steps are narrow. The couch, love seat really, will stay in the front room so that'll be easy. Thanks to Dave for lending me his truck with which to do this, and for lending me the truck ealier this month to move the bookcases to the house which helped get bunches of stuff off the floor in the basement (namely books).
Later on I'll have at least one new CD, I ordered the single off the new Iron Maiden CD and it's taking a while to arrive due to it being an import. But I don't expect any more new CDs until later next month, spare funds going to DVDs instead.
Bit of an asthetic change to the front page. I put the section titles in the static bar in the Table Of Contents to the left, I think it looks cleaner. And also in the Project bit on the bottom I added some statements and dates since they don't get updated being more links than sections to the site. The dates correspond to when the activity takes place, etc... And that's it really. I had planned on more but that'll wait for the next update since what I wanted to add is on a ZIP disk and I couldn't find the removeable ZIPDrive for the laptop the web updates are done on .. it's around but burried under some stuff as I move all my stuff to the house.

I Woke On Impact

Kind of a dizzying couple of weeks. A spiralling stress bomb since before even the last update kind of on a slow detonation. I think I've gotten over it mostly, sort of on simmer right now.
Anyways, updates. Found my ZIP drive for the laptop so I pulled out the National Novelist Writers Month (NaNoWriMo) project I did for last year and put it on the site. NaNoWriMo starts up again this November (it's always in November) and I'll once again sling out a bunch of crap disguised as writing. It's fun, it's interesting, it's only moderately difficult to do. Also, I added the image from the original Title Banner that Dave gave me when I revamped the site to Version 2, he had asked to do one, I said sure and when he gave it to me I unceremoniously edited it to fit my needs. Not quite how it happened, but close enough. I will do some more updates and edits in my RPG section later, maybe by December, who knows. I finally got the Iron Maiden single I ordered and will put it up with next weeks update. If nothing else it gives me something to update next week if I can't find anything else.
On October 20 KMFDM will be coming to Denver. Now, I've seen them in concert already and since I'm not the greatest fan of concerts in general I usually don't see a band twice. But... way back last year I joined the KMFDM HORDE, which got me a badge, a t-shirt, access to some cool stuff on the KMFDM site and ... access to the "meet'n'greet" thing at their concerts. Before the show anyone in the KMFDM HORDE gets to meet the band, get a signature and meet other HORDE members. Then the band goes off to the concert, I go to meet up with some friends and go to the concert myself. Pretty cool all in all. So after Monday I'll have the bands signature, on what I'm not sure. Maybe the CD cover for the latest release, WWIII, or the HORDE Badge but that's kind of small.
That's it, all done. You can go back to whatever it was you were doing before reading this.

One Hundred Miles An Hour

Short update on Halloween night before I run off to a party. Two new CDs, the Iron Maiden single I mentioned a bit ago and the Witch Hunter Robin soundtrack which came in the box set for the first DVD. The boxes come with the first DVD now so you can make the boxset as you go, good idea. It also came with a t-shirt, shotglass and twp "mini cells" - which aren't real cells but who cares. And the DVD of course. So .. I'm all done with the apt, my life is a pile in the living room of what is now Our House - ooh that sounds weird. Cool, but weird. And now .. now I have no idea. I hadn't planned on saying anything here today.