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Well, almost a month gone here. September is always an overly busy month and usually things suffer. Like the website, sleep, sanity, you know the little things in life.
Nan Desu Kan 2003 went off from Sept. 19th to the 21st. It was a success for the most part. Though I was a little out of it through the con and didn't enjoy myself as much this year as in past years. Possibly due to many things in life... One was the constant frustration of not getting a working email list system for the some 200 plus staff and volunteers until a week before the con started. Ouch. Touch and go through the summer with communications which frustrated me to no end and caused several people equal levels of frustration and feelings of being left out. If any of them read this I'm sorry! Really ... I came very close to sledge hammering all my computers and becoming Amish around mid August. One of the G3 Powerbooks (Natalia) needs some work in a bad way, she needs to be taken in for repairs to the power system and the drive just needs to be wiped and a fresh install put on it. And with the con OVER for the year the prospects of that happening are looking up - now I only need money.
Money, bleh. The other things in my life preventing me from concentrating fully on the convention were the interest in my upcoming wedding .. yeah yeah it's nine months away and all that but dammit it's fun planning that event. Mostly because it's more impacting to me personally than the con ever will be and also because it's just plain smaller. I really can't wait for it to happen the idea thrills me. (Note to myself from three years ago who would be beating me up for saying that - thpppptttt!!!!) It's not the wedding so much as the person I'm marrying, haven't been this happy and excited since I can't remember when.
Anyways, new stuffs on the site .. couple of CDs came out this month I've picked up. New shots from ZZ Top, Iron Maiden and KMFDM. You really can't ask for a better set of releases. The ZZ Top is good old Blues Rock with a couple of other things mixed in. Iron Maiden release is what you'd expect from them, good stuff and solid playing but nothing spectacular that immediately grabbed me like on previous albums. KMFDM just keeps on kicking ass, long live the Ultra Heavy Beat! They've found a formula that just plain old works - to quote one track "If it works this good why fuck with it." Ah, KMFDM.
So, I've got plans for the site too. The idea of what I originally wanted to do with the Music section has finally formed into a solid thought. Meaning I know where I want to take it so I'll be redoing the entire section and it will take me a while. A good long while. So, in the meantime the way it is now will stand and be continued to be updated and as soon as I complete the long overhaul it'll be put up in one giant chunk. Sometime next year I'm sure. Also, since the con is now over and October is a relatively slow month (most years) I'll be making a solid attempt to finish the Wedding section - as much as finished as I can get it since it won't be done done until after the wedding. But... I'm moving from the apartment to the house in October completely. Meaning all the furniture and other stuff I haven't seen in six months will now take up space in the house I'm currently living in with my fiancee. Which is way cool. I write one last rent check EVER and then I'm done with all that. Hopefully for the rest of my life I will never have to write another rent check (If all goes according to the plan that is). Yay!!
and with that long ramble of gibberish I'm outta here folks.