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Rattle Your Chains

Little while since the last update. Major changes include the Wedding Section. Since Becca was updating much more often than I was managing we finally decided I was so out of date that my personal Wedding Site was nearly useless - not to mention the color scheme had completely changed. So, we took a week and edited the site she had to include the little bits of information that I had which wasn't on her site, mix it up some to include both our insites and upload it to our new joint domain off my personal sites server. This way she can edit online and I can edit offline and it's all one happy site. vcool.
Second is all the new CDs from the last three months I hadn't gotten around to adding to the site yet. Eight new ones including two limited edition ones - a Front 242 Reissue of 'Geography' which is awesome and an Iron Maiden LP which is also awesome. A Stones record, Dropkick Murphy's album, some spoken word from Henry Rollins and a compilation from the label that put out the Front 242 release and the last A3 release 'Power In The Blood'. Three of those are two disc sets, which I love because it just means more music, sometimes at little or no extra cost.
Of course, all that's good and well but I don't expect much in the way of new music for a while.. I have some gift certificates left over from the holiday season that I will probably use get my CD fix for a little while. All my money shall now go into bills, wedding and house. Bleh. Life is like that.
The wedding section will no longer show a date since the updates won't be on the same time scale as my page.. so I'll just show the date of the wedding! real soon now. Which is cool. After the wedding I'll have to focus on the convention for a bit to get it back up to speed... Though, somewhere over the summer I hope to finish and roll out V3.0 of the website. I have layout ideas, section redesigns and some content editing I'd like to do. All major enough in themselves and when combined will make for a brand new website look and feel. I also want more content itself, especially stories and poetry, not to mention all the ideas I have for the RPGs section - since those are one of my fav. hobbies.
until later - ciao.