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Can You Hear The Human Drum Beating
04/12/01 ~/~ update 00000000

Another NaNoWriMo done and gone, that's makes 3 for 3. Had some major fun this year, dragging several friends into the pit with me. And making some new ones.
Also, some new CDs up for this update. Only 3 though, I was busy writing. I'll be working hard on adding CDs to the music section this month in hopes of getting it mostly done. If I push I might even finish. Minimum goal is fifty percent by end of the month. Or about 350 CDs catalogued on the site.
Other mews is that I now have the God-Eater machine, so I plan on getting a server up and running very soon here. It will host my website, amongst other things..

Do......The Metropolitan Glide
04/12/08 ~/~ update 00000001

27 more CDs added, completing up through 'E'. More to follow soon. No other news to report, back to work. rock & roll.

Now, You're An Electronic Insect
04/12/12 ~/~ update 00000010

I was going to wait until later to upload, but I'm at my first large set o CDs from one group which might take me a few days too many. So, 14 discs from 'F' up, and if I'm lucky 14 more on Wednesday or so, all Front 242 CDs. We'll see. I was slowed down by research on some no longer exsisting groups, otherwise I would probably be farther along... oh well.

Barely Living On Borrowed Time
04/12/20 ~/~ update 00000011

Have 14 more CDs, all Front 242. life has conspired against me, progress is slow. I'll be lucky if I manage 100 CDs this month.

Have A Drink On Me
04/12/23 ~/~ update 00000100

15 more CDs, finishing off 'F', next the letter 'G' .. tingles all down my spine. Maybe I can finish that before the end of the month. Maybe. Slight tweek of the front page, added an 'Explicit Content' image, just because. Maybe I'm feeling nice and want to warn people.

Still We Got Miles To Go
04/12/28 ~/~ update 00000101

Completed through 'G' in the Music section, which is another 16 CDs for the collection. I managed to add 89 CDs this month, well short of my goal. I'll just have to work faster from now on. This will be the last update for 2004, next update will be early in January. 'H' is actually almost complete but I figured I'd just update now. I also added onto the Music section a bit, creating a sort of FAQ for it.
One reason being was I spent some time to learn a little bit of Javascript so I can have the quote on the right column and the image (now moved to the bottom of the left column) at the bottom switch randomly everytime the page loads. I think it's neat. Also tweaked the presentation a tiny bit on the front page, adding Horizontal Rules between update blurbs.