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nothing comes easier than madness

Finished the history updates through January 2004. So it's onto a regular schedule with that part now. I've got several CDs on order and coming in. Some more Maiden, Lucia Cifarelli and Bad Religion. Well, I have the Bad Religion on hand but will wait to put it up until the others arrive next week. I'm going to change the direction of the music section a little bit. Instead of just strait links to album pages I'm making band pages. These will contain information on the bands, links to the current album pages and list of affiliated projects. This is going to take a long time to finish. So instead of trying to do it all at once I'm doing it as I get to it. I also hope to get full release catalogues for each band, but in today's music world of releases everywhere and some bands having nine hundred singles it'll be tough. I don't expect to be comprehensive, but as close as I can get. Inlcuding non-CD releases such as rare vinyl or things that were never rereleased onto CD.
That said, nothing exciting this time around. I'm also looking into an asthetic change in the pages, we'll see what happens. I also have a collective work from Alt.Cyberpunk.Chatsubo to put together and put up, but it's big. Be good.

This is Now, Here and NOW

No updates, sorry. But, I am here to warn you updates are coming, just taking a little longer than I thought. Since I've decided to change over how the information in the music section is presented I want to do it right. Problem is I'm also cross-referencing projects as I go. I started rather innocently with one band, then followed it up and out and blam! explosion time. So, eventually the entire music section's main page will be listed by band and the band pages will link to the individual album pages, contain information on the band, links to related web sites, discographies (as complete as possible, including items I don't own), and links to related projects such as side efforts, solo efforts, and the like. But even the first part isn't ready yet. I started with Lucia, who used to sing for Drill, and worked with MDFMK and KMFDM. And that's where I got into trouble. KMFDM has been involved in so much it's taking me a bit of time to get everything together. As time moves forward I'll do other bands until the whole section is like this. Until then, be good. I hope to have a real update next week at the latest.

Back in the village again

Little later than expected, but an update I have. Not as much completed as I'd like, but I wanted to actually upload something before the week was completely out. Still have three CDs to create pages for and some more wedding pages to update. I finally got around to putting up more wedding information, though much thanks goes to Becca for updating her site first and giving me stuff to work with (read: ruthlessly copy). Mines got some of my own unique touches though, I didn't copy verbatum. New discs include an Iron Maiden single (Rainmaker), Lucia (awesome vocalist) and then the ones I didn't get to this week are Tom Waits, Korn and Bad Religion. I'll get those next week for sure. Along with some RPG section updates (well, hopefully some RPG stuff). As well as more Wedding pages! yayness.
Not sure what else I've got down the line for upcoming stuffs, I know what I'd like to get done, but we'll see. As for the far future ... the albums in the music section will be done in a new format that includes band information (such as the line up for that release). This will fall in step with the planned Music Section revamp. The revamp will take a long time, possibly done by late summer to early fall. It may or may not coincide with a complete site redesign. I'm looking at another new format (I'm always looking at new formats) and think I might have come up with a rather neat one this time. Maybe. We'll see if I make a version 3 or not by the end of the year. Who knows such things? perhaps The Shadow Knows. Anyway, more talk later. ciao