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Lost track of things around the begining of the month. The begining of Jaunary usually sucks. So, the internal home network stopped working, three cords are fried and I've taken the wall jacks apart. Haven't put them back together yet. So I've a few wires hanging out of the basement ceiling and the office wall. I'll get to those as the days drag on. I have made space in the basement for a large parakeet cage and a pair of parakeets - chickenmeat and piglet as they are named. They will get a page in the pets section, when I get to updating it. Which will probably be fairly soon. I trip to the vets to get the birds' wings clipped and an initial check up and I brought Spazz along since she's never been. Spazz being my lizard. Spazz is a she, arguement settled for all time as she laid eggs this month. According to the vet Spazz is in incredibly good health and he wished I could talk to and instruct other reptile owners on how to set up and maintain an environment for tropical lizards. And pets in general, he was impressed with the evironment control I keep over the pet room. Which is temperature and light controlled. No outside light sources get into the room so I control all aspects of day and night with the entire room being lit by full spectrum florescent lights. Full Spectrum means it's as close to sunlight as you can get including the UVB range. Which is more important for the lizard but not unnoticed by the birds, fish and plants in the room. All of which are healthy and happy.
I've set up another tank for the goldfish we intended to have at our wedding, a trial run in the actual bowl showed that all fish are best kept in filtered tanks for long periods of time, several days in an unfiltered bowl makes for smelly water that isn't crystal clear. So those will have to wait for the wedding itself, and right afterwards back into the filtered tank.
Other random news is.. not much. Added a 'history' section to the site. It's not complete yet as I'm missing most of 2002 in it, but that'll make the next update. I want to get it uploaded with this update, finished or not. At least this way I'll have something for next time garaunteed. Which should be before the month is out. And maybe this year I'll get an update done in February, unlike the last two years. We'll see about that when it comes around. Until next time play nice.

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a week or so and a final update in January here. I was going to wait until I had completely updated the history section before uploading but I won't finish the first half of 2003 before the month ends. So, I have from when I started in 2001, all of 2002 and the second half of 2003 up, every page I've updated in those time frames. This will also assure that I will finally do an update in February. Well, maybe. I had material last year too and just didn't uploade it until March. So, since this year I have material, I have the desire to finish it and upload it and there is a good chance I'll actually have an update for Feb. Cool.
Other points of interest - you'll notice that in the navigation section to the side there I've added a "Hosted Sites" subsection. This is because I don't use all the space available to me so I've offered to host sites of people I know on my server space. Theoretically my serverhost allows subdomains and FTP drop boxes. So, theorectically, I can create a subdomain, create and drop box and my friends can update their own sites onto my server space. In practice however - none of this works. So I still offer space, they send me a file when they update and I upload it to the server under their own directory I've created for them. I usually upload within a week or so, I don't think I've taken much longer than that. The date I put on my nav-bar is the date I actually uploaded the update, not the date they sent it to me. Hopefully these are fairly close together. When I get the time and money to run my own server I will damn well make sure I have sub domains, FTP accounts and the such so others can directly update their space. Currently only one such site is hosted, and it's an excellecnt source of CP info, much props go to the man who does the updates (I can't remember his handle and I don't know if he wants to me throw his real name out to the world). Maybe some more will come in the future since MP3.COM shutdown and I know some peeps who still want to place music out there for the world at large.
And .. nothing else, I've been slacking off by playing a lot of Diablo2:LOD lately so no new real stuffs at the moment. I'll go buy more CDs later - after I pay taxes (Doh!).