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Wake Up On Fire Everyday

Version 3.0 - new and improved. A slightly more uniform design to the site along with some navigation tweeks. And a better set up to the whole thing. Some sections are still heavily under construction. Such as my Computers and Pets pages. the Computers one hasn't even been built yet, mostly due to me working on all the other parts and getting behind. The Pets page was delayed due to pictures still being out and the death of my favorite little betta Alpha. Poor guy got a gill disease that I misdiagnosed and by the time I got the right medicine it was in both gills. I feel kind of bad about that. Fish diseases are hard to diagnose properly. So that one is on hold for a bit, but still coming. The Music section, beast that it is, is still also being made. But because of it's size I'm just putting it up as it gets done. I expect several months of this, I'm only a tenth of the way through my CDs. Then I tackle my wife's collection, and she has more than I do. At least this keeps me out of trouble
With that said, I'm off to code some more pages! see ya.