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Think About An End

Good chunk of time since the last update, a full month. I have a bunch of new CDs and was going to post them along with some updates to the RPG section. In the middle of the RPG updates I was revamping it's look a bit for better nevigation .. and then I realized I had the makings of V3 on my hands. Instead of making the CD pages and the new RPG pages I tore into updating all the pages for Version 3 of Cellular Smoke Signals. Unlike the last version update I'm not going to do it in parts, I'm going to put the whole thing up at once and completely replace the current site. New content, expanded content, new look and better (i hope) navigation. As such there will be no actual updates this month, or until the update is done. Which might take a few weeks or so given the sheer size of some sections - like the music area which is being DRASTICALLY overhauled. So I'm not going to waste my time with version 2 type updates right now in hopes of getting this whole thing done by mid June.
Right now I'm deep into my wedding and all that comes with that. After the wedding I hope to finish up what I haven't gotten done in the cracks between insomnia and where ever else I can edit a page or two. I'm also trying to add a good chunk of new content with the update to every section. The pets section is going to be massively expanded, I've already done some extensive expansion to the RPGs section and am doing more The Writing section has more stories in it. The Art section, alas, has no real updates to it. The CD section is getting more and better information as well. The rest of the site is getting a new, cleaner, look, maybe some expanded parts. Also a new portal page has been created for my site and my wife to be's site: That contains links to this site, my wife's site and our wedding site which will be maintained even after our wedding to a certain extent. Once the wedding is actually over we plan on putting up some how to tips and possibly creating a book. Other long term plans are to add my wife's CD collection to this site's database which will massively expand the information as she has more CDs than I do and from bands I don't. It should be cool as I move forward to 2005 with the site. Until next month and next version - be good, have fun.