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The World Rotates To The Ultra Heavy Beat

November, NaNoWriMo month... aww yeah. I almost had a bunch of CDs to put up on the sight for this update, but didn't quite get them done in time before I started writing. And writing I did. I got a really good jump on the month with a total of 6,095 words in the first day alone, just under a good solid 3 hours of writing was all it took. I'm feeling good. According the spreadsheet I have I'll finish on 11/9 at this pace. Wow. Note the little percentage guage in the bottom right corner under the nav-boxes. That will be updated daily throughout the month, even if I don't do a Work-In-Progress upload. The code takes a number from offsite so it doesn't require an actual upload on my part.
But, this being the first update I shall upload the part of the novel I have done already. With luck I'll take the time to do an upload every three to five days if I can. Depends on if I ever get behind on my desired goal. Most people go for the 50K. This year I'm going for 75,000 words (and the finished story), which breaks down to a minimum of 2,500 words a day. Not sure if I'l lget that for 11/2 since I have to deal with voting polls (long lines possibly) and a manager meeting before my shift at work (just taking more of my time...). We'll see what I can get done. Anything in a day is better than nothing.

All Hell Can't Stop Us Now

The NaNoWriMo novel is coming along nicely, 15,555 words as of this post and I'm 5 days into the event. I should get a good chunk of writing done today I hope. Also, an update that was almost finished before November started was finished this morning.. 4 new CDs added to the online listing. I doubt I'll have any more until December though. Must write.

I'm A Man Who's Sick But I Got Class

Through the window and into madness. 29,169 words at this upload.

Caught Up In Your Monkey Puzzle Tree

As of this posting I'm at 38,863 words for the NaNo novel.. and am still waiting for the plot I ordered to show up. I hope to tack in at well over 40,000 by night's end - possibly upwards of 45,000.

I Just Want You To Find Happiness

Reached 50,755 words as 11/17 came to a close. I've now reached the NaNoWriMo goal. All that's left is my goal of finishing the story and getting 75,000 or more words. The word count will be pretty easy to acheive at my current pace, should reach that number no later than 11/25. It's the story itself that's giving me cause for concern.... I have no idea how much space it's going to take. We'll see.

Nothing, But Nothing To Keep Me Away

65,007 words on the NaNoWriMo work as of this upload. Will pass last years total by tomorrow. Need to pick up the pace if I want to finish the story though.

Power Up Power Up Gimme Everything You Got

This upload is 75,335 words long, which means I've reached my goal of 75k for this years NaNo, but I'm not done with the story. I might be able to find a clean break and pick up on Part 2 later, possibly next year as I replot the thing after some edits and reworks. Sound like a plan. Expect the next upload on 11/30 as the final update possibly. Or early December.