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Cop A Rude Attitude, Turn The World Around

Ok, I'm back. more or less. I was in the middle of some updates and was about to start into the CD collection again in earnest when I figured, Ah Fuck It let's do an upload. So, a few new CDs in the A-C category. 'Suffer' from Bad Religion, reissue of an older album and Auf Der Maur's self titled debut. For those who don't know who Melissa Auf Der Maur is she started out in Hole as the bassist, moving up in the world she is now a solo artist with a good solid rock and roll punch to her sound. Worth getting.
What else.. Role Playing Games, added and uploaded several features of my current character in the only active campaign at the moment. Jessica, my blood thirsty undead werewolf and would be world saving hero. She can be found under the MegaCity link in the RPGs section.
And now, I'm out of here to do some more CD catalguing for the site so I can do another upload later this week with some stuff.

Thought I Was A Gonner Baby, But I'm Bullet Proof

A little bit of headway in the music section, five CDs into 'D' as the alphabet spins. I hope to do an upload every four days or so this way. If I pick up the pace I can do more than little tiny uploads everytime. Also fixed some links in the RPGs section that were broken. Going to have to work some more on that section in the near future.
Coming up is November, and that means National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Which is a blast of a good time. Write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Last year I hit almost 67,000 words so confidence is high. I'm 2 for 2 on this, so nothing will stop me this year. Nothing at all. I probably won't do much in the way up updates in November though, as I'll be working on writing most of my free time. What I will do is post my lovely Novel In Progress, unedited and unchecked, as I write. It's a fun little train wreck!

Still I'm Going To Miss You...

Spazz, January 2002 - October 12, 2004.
Water Dragon, possibly part Monkey, and a fun little friend to have around.

I'm A Certified Friend Of John Paul Getty

Eight more Albums, 10CDs of material, added to the music section: Delerium, Depeche Mode and Bruce Dickinson. Next week should be Die Krupps and Die Warzau hopefully (about another 10 CDs worth of material), more if I go fast.
Other additions are a LiveJournal link (more on that in a minute) and a NaNoWriMo Progress Meter to show off how many words I've written and how cool I am. LiveJournal .. I really don't like WebLogs (Blogs, whatever), and would never have gotten one were it not for my wife. Who got a LiveJournal Account (because Everyone Has One...) and then told me to register so I didn't post anonymously to her account (wanted to make sure the anon. randomocity was me). So I signed up and figured "Ah fuck it." and started posting on a daily basis or so. We'll see how long that lasts, though I only take about five minutes to spit out some shit about the day. I might go weekly and make it useful information or something. Or I'll eventually forget all about it...
Until next week, be evil.

Train Kept A Rollin' All Night Long

Almost fell asleep last night at the keyboard coding webpages. Was hoping I could get the update done last night, but I was too tired. Ah well. This might be the last updated of October so I wanted it done. First I got some more CDs up into Music, specifically my Die Krupps CDs. Only six, but I was lazy and didn't even start them until yesterday instead of last week sometime. My goal is really to add 2-5 a night every night between update. Theorectically that's 14-30 new CDs every updates. Theorectically. But the real reason for the upload now is...
NaNoWriMo starts in 5 days or so. November 1, midnight. Yeah baby. I changed up the NaNoWriMo section of the webpage a bit. One so I can link directly to it from outside the site (which simply requires an Index Page in the directory to handle my frames) and readied the page I'm going to post my novel into and upload onto the site throughout November. groovy.
Not much else, really. I'm outta here, if I work fast I can get another smallish upload in later this week, maybe Friday night or Sunday morning.

Yes, So The Message Goes

Last update for October... happy with the number of times I was able to upload stuff, even if it wasn't much per upload. But, good news on the amount per update in the near future. Found a program to catalogue my CDs that works like I want it to.. mainly it can take all the info I like per CD and then export it into HTML format. But not just some stock BS format - customizable format. Making the process for adding CDs to my Music section fast, easy and painless. I only have a few new ones this time as I spent a lot of time messing with the program. The program, for those who need to know is iCDc (do a search on Version Tracker). Shareware too, which is nice and cheap for what it does. After putting together all the templates I want to use for exporting I redid a lot of the code already there - mostly I redid the code on the Song List section, which took a bit of time to be honest. I have to manually alphabatize the tracks into the list but I can automate creating the links, adding the links manually would be the harder of the two, so I'm happy. Soon I'll be adding lists to divide everything by Genre and Album Title as well. The older band pages are still in Old Code format, but that will change quickly. And a smallish update to the RPGs section as I build out my one character's page some more. Other characters to follow next year after the CD collection is done. Which I hope is byend of January at latest. It will get delayed by NaNoWriMo which starts tomorrow (as of this update)... where I'll just be writing all month. I'll post the Work In Progress moderately frequently. ciao.