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It's Just Breath Control
05/04/06 ~/~ 00001110

A little late with the update, but who checks this site at midnight on Tuesday's anyway? Accomplished my target goal at least, 9 new artists covering 19 albums in the Music section. Nah much else, but then what'd you expect?
Working on the Nan Desu Kan website as well, it's coming along nicely, some of it is even up now! Also, we went to publication with the ACC Anthology Volume 2 this past week. Only took us three or so years to do so. Second volume took us longer with less writers.. I suppose it's something when you know you can do it, you take your time a bit more. It will be available sometime in May for purchase from your local bookseller and online. I doubt any bookstores will actually carry it, but you can order it by ISBN or title. I'll post the ISBN as soon as you can buy it. No other news, as you were.

Shoveling Coal Inside My Dreams
05/04/12 ~/~ 00001111

Still on target, was hoping to get ahead but no such luck. Still working on completing the Nan Desu Kan website - that one I want to finish ahead of schedule. 18 New CDs in the music section. The aviary is really close to done - adding the doors this week. Which leaves the platform for their fedder tray and an easy access door that lifts up like on most storebought cages to give access to said feeder tray. The aviary really does need to be completed as quickly as possible. it's gone on too long and the little parakeets need some space to stretch their wings. I'm also doing a lot of writing lately, mostly for the RPGs section. I have a good feeling about the updates for this summer and the rest of the year. Getting my shit in gear.

Permanence It's Gone
05/04/26 ~/~ 00010000

Missed last week, frack. Not as much of an update as I'd like since I took the time to finish the Aviary over the weekend which means this website and the NDK website are my current free time projects. I should be done with the music section in May, hopefully before the end of. 30 CDs added, which is about 1.5 worth of update.
Other notes are that due to costs, stupid hosting services and other compound factors (fractures?) I'm just ditching the domain altogether - it runs out in June, becomes free in July and I many opt to reregister then but I doubt it. Oh well, I've had it for 8 years, which is a long time considering the life of a lot of private domains. I've done a lot of writing lately as well and hope to put some of that up, most of it for the RPG section. And I'll get the pictures of the aviary up and start the pet section in May or June.