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Like A Monster Crossing The Hudson River, STOMPING

This is Cellular Smoke Signals Version 4. It took me just over a month to build out, though a few bits and pieces are still being constructed. Overall the page count is down, the look is uniform and the information is presented in a much more friendly manner. Can't ask for more. Well, you can but I won't give it. Also the sites formatting is now done with Cascading Style Sheets - which means I can change the overall look, color scheme or both on the fly without another redesign. Spiffy Huh? Thought so. What is here? Everything that was before only it looks cooler and navigation between sections is more fluid. Now that I've gotten everything up I'm looking through all my files to find my writing and put more of that up, dedicating some serious time to the Role Playing Section and finally building out the Pets section.